Bandai Namco Opens Official Europe Merch Store

Free shipping offered for the first week.


Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has announced the opening of its Official Online Store, selling merchandise from video game series including Tekken, Pac-Man, and Tales of. Products available include t-shirts, hoodies, posters, coffee mugs, phone cases, and more.

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To celebrate the launch, the store is offering free shipping from December 2-7. Customers who wish to redeem this offer can do so by entering the code "FREE@BANDAI" upon checkout. Merchandise is exclusive to the store, and includes a special set created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Pac-Man.

Vice president of marketing and digital at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe Hervé Hoerdt said in a statement, "We are all super excited about this long awaited store dedicated to our biggest fans! Our goal is to provide high quality, exclusive and unique items that have been carefully selected to communicate and represent our passion and love around iconic IPs. This is just the beginning as we are planning to work closely with all the people that love our brands to bring to life the craziest ideas they might have!"

Bandai Namco is publishing several upcoming games scheduled for release next year, including the anticipated Dark Souls III, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Pokken Tournament, and Tales of Berseria.

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Looks cool, wish they'd sell Tales of character soft toys.

Avatar image for olddadgamer

Aw man I read that headline as "Mech store" and I was really excited for about half a second.

Note to self: Less fallout, more coffee.

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No Katamari stuff?! Ugh please don't neglect your best IP.

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@brn-dn: Truth! I'm gonna need bobbleheads of ALL the cousins! And mugs!

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I could really do with some gaming merch for some extra personality etc

Avatar image for Kunakai

It's a shame they don't have any DS merchandise available. The Pac Man skater poster is definitely up my ally, although a tad on the expensive side for a poster.