Bandai Namco logos trademarked

Namco registers two trademarks for its upcoming merger with Bandai. Will either be used as their official logo?


Namco has trademarked two logos for Bandai Namco, which will be its new company name after merging with Japan's largest toymaker, Bandai. A search though the Japan Patent Office's database reveals images of the two logos. It should be noted that the logos are only candidates at the current time.

An official corporate logo is expected to be announced in the near future, as the two companies will be merging on September 29.

Namco and Bandai announced in May that they will join operations under a newly established holding company to be known as Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. Bandai will hold a 57 percent stake in the new company, with Namco taking the remaining 43 percent. The two companies will disclose their post-merger strategies in mid-September. There will be no layoffs due to the merger.

In other Japanese-toy-giant-merger news today, Tomy and Takara announced that 15 percent of their combined workforce will be laid off in anticipation of their March 2006 merger.

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