Bandai making Gundam for Xbox 360

Japan's biggest toy-maker reveals three games for Microsoft's next-generation console, including an FPS based on the Gundam franchise.


At the Xbox Summit 2005, Bandai announced that it is developing a new first-person shooter Gundam title that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360. The game is being developed by Dimps, the studio that develops the Dragon Ball Z series for Bandai on the PlayStation 2.

A trailer of the game was prepared for the event but was canceled at the last minute by company president Shin Unozawa. Unozawa apologized to the visitors and explained that the trailer could not be shown because the game's quality is still far below that of the PlayStation 3's Gundam demo, which was shown during Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2005 conference last week. Unozawa did mention that the game would be on display in some form or another at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

"It will be a game that's intended for online play, and it will play with a similar atmosphere to EA's Battlefield 1942. We hope to release it during the next year," said Unozawa. "Gundam is well known in Japan, but it's not widely been accepted in America because of its twisted storyline in the first series. We hope we can familiarize Gundam to the American audience with this game."

Bandai also announced that two other games are currently in development. One will be a mixed-media project featuring a television-style anime broadcast and a game, like the .hack series or the recently announced DVD/UMD bundle for Eureka Seven. Bandai could not reveal details at the current time due to the company's agreements with its TV studio, but it mentioned that the game will feature online gameplay. It will officially be announced next year.

Bandai is also making another game exclusive to the Xbox 360, but Unozawa declined to give any information, including its title and genre.

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