Bam takes to the Savage Skies

The game formerly known as Ozzy's Black Skies receives a publisher.


Bam Entertainment has announced that it has become the official publisher for Savage Skies, a fantasy-themed aerial combat game in development at iRock. In the game, players will ride atop different creatures as they battle through 27 missions. The game also includes seven multiplayer levels and 60 types of weapons for the creature and its rider. Plus, it offers the ability to unlock 24 creatures, ranging from unicorns to wyverns.

In addition to Savage Skies, Bam announced that it would be publishing Riding Spirits for the PlayStation 2. Currently in development at Spike--the same company behind the Fire Pro Wrestling series--Riding Spirits is a motorcycle racing game in which players can ride more than 150 licensed motorcycles from top manufacturers. Both the physics and graphics engine have been designed to be as realistic as possible.

Savage Skies and Riding Spirits are scheduled for release in the spring.

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