Bam Margera Getting Help From The Jackass Crew After Reportedly Being Fired

The producers of the new stunt movie have responded to the disturbing videos that Margera uploaded recently.


The stunt movie Jackass 4 is moving ahead, despite recent issues with star Bam Margera. The news comes after the Jackass veteran posted a series of disturbing and difficult-to-watch videos and other documentation that suggested he was going through a mental health crisis and was fired from the film. Variety reports that there is "currently an effort to get Margera help" amid his latest breakdown, which the actor said was due to a bipolar condition.

In a series of videos on Instagram, that have since been deleted, Margera lashed out at the production team and said nasty things about the film after he parted ways from it. However, Margera has since said that he has manic bipolar disorder and that he now believes in the film.

"It's going to be f**king awesome, and it's going to be in a way where everyone wins in the end. So I love everybody," Margera said in a recent video, adding that he was taking time away to see a specialist for his health.

Margera was said to be filming Jackass 4--with a wellness coach overseeing his involvement--before he disappeared from set. It was later discovered that Margera took himself to a rehab center in Florida to address his health.

Jackass 4, like many other movie productions, has faced setbacks and delays due to COVID-19, but it's still planned to release on September 3.

The Jackass film franchise is a spin-off of the the MTV series, which was co-created by Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze, the latter of whom would go on to earn an Oscar nomination for Being John Malkovich and then win an Oscar for the Joaquin Phoenix movie Her.

Specific details are unknown at this point, but if history is any indication, you can expect Jackass 4 to focus on Knoxville and his friends performing all manner of dangerous and awkward stunts played for laughs and shock value. The fourth Jackass movie was announced in December 2019.

The first Jackass movie debuted in 2002 with numerous sequels coming thereafter. In total, the franchise has grossed more than $335 million at the box office. The Jackass films were directed by Jeff Tremaine, who also directed the Bad Grandpa movie starring Knoxville. Tremaine returned to direct Jackass 4 as well. In the time between Bad Grandpa and the upcoming Jackass 4, Knoxville and Jackass co-star Chris Pontius filmed Action Point, a film loosely based on the real-life Action Park. As with the Jackass films, they did their own stunts.

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