Bam Entertainment to acquire VIS

Bam Entertainment announces that it has agreed to terms to acquire the Scottish developer of State of Emergency.


State of Emergency 2

Bam Entertainment today announced that it has agreed to terms to acquire VIS Entertainment, the Scottish developer responsible for State of Emergency. Under the terms of the arrangement, Bam will also acquire SOE Development Limited (SOED), a company set up to fund the development of State of Emergency 2 last year.

The proposed acquisition, which has already been approved by both companies' respective boards of directors, would effectively result in the companies merging and being led by executives from both camps. The companies' first joint project is expected to be the continued development and subsequent publishing of State of Emergency 2.

"This is an exciting combination of two dynamic businesses whose activities and experience span the globe," said Raymond Musci, CEO of Bam. "We believe this deal will position our combined businesses strongly in a highly competitive market and achieve significant synergies in our operations. We are bringing together some of the most talented and knowledgeable people in our industry. There is little or no overlap between the businesses, and we intend that the new combined company will operate in an efficient and rigorous manner, involving both development and publishing of games."

"The proposed acquisition provides the opportunity for both Bam and VIS to share and develop their strengths under one roof," added Chris van der Kuyl, president and CEO of VIS. "We have discussed the potential for the combined businesses at great length, and we are convinced that this marriage of developer and publisher represents the way forward for the games and digital entertainment sector."

We'll bring you more information on Bam's proposed acquisition of VIS Entertainment as soon as it becomes available.

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