Bam Entertainment announces Wolfenstein 3D Game Boy Advance

The classic first-person shooter for the PC is coming to Nintendo's handheld.


Bam Entertainment announced today that it will publish Wolfenstein 3D for the Game Boy Advance. Wolfenstein 3D was originally released for the PC in 1992 and set a benchmark for all future first-person shooters. Jointly developed by id Software and Stalker Entertainment, Wolfenstein 3D for the Game Boy Advance will include 60 single-player missions in which players assume the role of an escaped prisoner who must infiltrate a Nazi fortress and capture plans for the construction of a superior army.

"Wolfenstein 3D is truly one of the classics and is widely recognized as the game that created the first-person shooter genre," said Alain Tascan, vice president of worldwide development for Bam Entertainment. "We are excited to bring this timeless and highly celebrated game to the handheld market."

Wolfenstein 3D will be released for the Game Boy Advance in April. We'll have more information when it becomes available.

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