Baldur's Gate on PS2

One of the most recognizable PC games will soon have a console cousin.


GameSpot can now confirm that a console version of Baldur's Gate is in development for the Sony PlayStation 2. Interplay has not made any announcements on the matter, but the company will be handling the publishing duties of the PS2 version. Very few gameplay details are known at this time, but Interplay hopes to make several console-specific changes, so the game won't be a mere port of the PC version. However, Bioware will not be handling the port. An official announcement about the game will be made at the end of December or early January.

Interplay shipped Baldur's Gate II for the PC in late September, and it has been one of the best-selling PC games since then. As reported previously, the Sega Dreamcast port of the original Baldur's Gate, which was being handled by an internal team at Sega of Japan, was recently canceled.

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