Baldur's Gate 3 - How To Romance The Dreamlover

Encounter and romance the Dreamlover in Baldur's Gate 3.


The Baldur's Gate 3 Dreamlover is a player-created NPC. It's also the embodiment of the Mindflayer's tadpole in your character's brain, and it will tempt you--if you wish. Our guide discusses the Dreamlover romance and encounter sequences.

How to Romance the Dreamlover in Baldur's Gate 3

Dreamlover Character Creation

The Baldur's Gate 3 Dreamlover is made by the player during character creation. No, we're definitely not talking about the Mariah Carey song. Basically, once you're done with your hero's race, background, class, and abilities, you'll click the Venture Forth button. Then, the game will ask you: "Who Do You Dream of at Night?"

The subsequent screen allows you to create a partner NPC of sorts. You can only change their race, cosmetic features, sex, and appearance (you don't pick a class or background for them).

After creating your character, you'll be able to select the appearance of your Dreamlover.
After creating your character, you'll be able to select the appearance of your Dreamlover.

Illithid Wisdom

Past this point, it's entirely possible to miss out on Dreamlover interactions, depending on how you approach the campaign. That's because this is directly tied to the True Soul/Illithid Wisdom mechanic.

As you use Illithid Wisdom in specific conversations, it's akin to letting the tadpole take hold of you. You can refer to our True Soul/Illithid Wisdom guide to see a list of dialogue sequences where you can select the option.

Dreamlover Romance and Interactions

The First Dream

At certain points, you can rest at your camp (i.e., click the Long Rest button or select the Camp option when you open the world map). Once you sleep, you should have a sequence involving the Dreamlover.

The first dream sequence occurs after using Illithid Wisdom at least two times in the campaign. Your companions will feel sick and, once you sleep, the Dreamlover will visit you. You can tell her to leave, or you can give in to the temptation. Doing so will net you Illithid Powers, abilities that act as bonus actions, emphasizing the use of psychic force.

The Second Dream

This happens after using Illithid Wisdom four times. The Dreamlover shows you a conquered world, tempting you that you can rule over everything if you give in to the darkness.

Left: First dream sequence; Right: Second dream sequence

The Third Dream

This occurs once you've selected Illithid Wisdom five times. It's also the last Baldur's Gate 3 Dreamlover sequence, at least for early access. Basically, you'll see these options:

  • "Tell me how. I'll do anything to make this stop."
  • "I'm not fighting you! It's this wretched parasite!"
  • "Of course I can feel it. This is you! It's been you from the start!"

These are followed by three more responses:

  • [Charisma 15]: Resist both her and the urge.
  • Surrender to the urge - last out.
  • "I want to rip you open. I can't help it."
You can resist or lash out.
You can resist or lash out.

The first and third options will make the Dreamlover leave, though she says that you'll find each other again. The second option causes your character to choke the Dreamlover, though she'll warn you of the consequences.

As of the time of this writing, we've yet to see another sequence or cutscene involving the Baldur's Gate 3 Dreamlover romance. There's a good chance that your decisions here will impact your campaign in the long run, given how your character is being goaded by the Mindflayer tadpole in your head.

With Baldur's Gate 3 set to release on August 3, there's bound to be more changes and additions. We'll have a massive guides hub soon, so stay tuned.

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