Baldur's Gate 3 Cross-Saves Will Be Supported With New Larian Account

The new service will ensure you can migrate you saves across platforms, even ones that Larian hasn't announced yet.


With the early access release of Baldur's Gate 3 just around the corner, developer Larian Studios has launched a new account service that it says will control cross-save compatibility for the RPG and all of its future games.

The new Larian Account is a means for Larian Studios to control saves within the cloud on a platform that it owns, meaning you'll be able to transfer your saves between Baldur's Gate 3 purchases on Steam, GOG, and Google Stadia. Larian says that this account will also be used to support save transfers on any other platforms Baldur's Gate 3 launches on (although none have been announced yet).

Your Larian Account will also enable cross-platform multiplayer, though Larian says this won't be available on the day Baldur's Gate 3 launches. Any Twitch integration with Baldur's Gate 3 will also be supported through this new account, which allows you to let your audience make crucial in-game decisions while you're streaming.

Larian Studios have offered cross-save compatibility in the past, specifically with Divinity: Original Sin 2 across PC and Nintendo Switch. These saves were made compatible through Steam, however, limiting the control the studio had on them. This new account service is still new and growing, but Larian says it hopes fans will help them guide its development in a similar way to the feedback it hopes to get with Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 launches in early access on PC and Google Stadia on October 6. The game will initially offer the game's first act, which Larian says is larger than the act that Divinity: Original Sin 2 launched with in early access, and feature a wide range of races and classes from the start.

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I can't believe the arrogance of Larian Stidios to make

Baldur's Gate turn based. The arrogance!

**I'm sure most gamers under 35 or 30 are more

pro Larian Studios then Pro Baldur's Gate.

But not me... Baldur's Gate1+2 & Icewind Dale 1+2

along with Neverwinter we're hands down my fav games

around 1999/2000 era....

Almost cost me my GF at the time(now wife)

**Yes Divinity OriginalSin 1 was epic & Part 2 was even better.

This is a fact 4 sure!!!!

But that doesn't mean they can take another RPG isometric and just convert it because

"That's what you excel at" < this is the quote fro LarianStudios boss..

I agree it's what you's excel at but Badur's Gate3 excels at being

super special..

Similar to HALF LIFE 3. (OfCourse im not sayin BG is equal to HalfLife but the anticipation is similar)

Imagine Half Life 3 gets made by Another company and it's Battle Royal

"because that's what said company excels at"

**My fingers are crossed but The best aspect of a very hard Isometric RPG is pausing the action and planning your moves..

Why not just a new IP or Original Sin 3?

Upvote •