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Baldur's Gate 3 - Best Sorcerer Build Guide

Embrace your draconic heritage and potent magical nature with our best Sorcerer build guide.


In Baldur's Gate 3, the Sorcerer class is incredibly powerful relative to others in the game, but you can accentuate the Sorcerer with a smart build that enhances strengths and hides or even eliminates weaknesses. Sorcery offers a wide swath of potent and useful spells as well as very flexible rules on when you can and can’t use them. With an equally flexible featured class ability, Sorcerer is there for when you need to use magic on your own terms.

Baldur's Gate 3 Sorcerer build guide - Draconic Bloodline

The best of the Sorcerer subclasses, Draconic Bloodline, lets you choose a dragon ancestor that you draw your power from. All choices will give you benefits to your Armour Class (13 AC as a base) and 1 HP bonus every level, and your choice of specific color of dragon will grant you an immediate resistance to a specific type of damage (Fire, Cold, etc.) as well as a spell that corresponds to it. Later on, as you level up, you’ll also begin doing bonus damage when casting spells of that type.

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Choose Red Dragon to get the powerful Burning Hands spell. If you want more information on how to create your Sorcerer character when starting the game, check out my Sorcerer Class Guide.

Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer - Level Up Choices

Level 2


  • Thunderwave

Class Passives

  • Twinned Spell
  • Distant Spell

Level 3


  • Scorching Ray

Class Passives

  • Quickened Spell
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Level 4


  • Shocking Grasp


  • Misty Step


  • Magic Initiate: Warlock
    • Eldritch Blast
    • True Strike/Blade Ward/Bone Chill
    • Hex
  • OR Ability Improvement (+2 Cha OR +1 Cha & +1 Dex/Con)

Level 5


  • Fireball

Level 6


  • Cloud of Daggers
  • Haste
  • Fear
  • Stinking Cloud
  • Crown of Madness
  • Slow
  • Blind

Level 7


  • Confusion

Level 8


  • Banishment / Stoneskin


  • War Caster / Ability Improvement

Level 9

No Caption Provided


  • Cloudkill
  • Cone of Cold
  • Dominate Person
  • Seeming (Stealth / Deception)
  • Telekenesis

Level 10


  • Blade Ward/others not taken above


  • See above

Class Passive

  • Metamagic: Extended Spell (Good for Cloudkill, Dominate Person, etc.)

Level 11


  • Globe of Invulnerability
  • Circle of Death
  • Disintegrate (Warning, if they die, you lose all loot)

Level 12


  • See Level 11 spells (and get whichever you didn’t pick before)


  • Ability Improvement (or others recommended in previous levels)


Sorcerer is incredibly powerful on its own, but you can also multiclass, if you’d like to. If you are going to, I recommend Warlock 2/Sorcerer 10 to get Eldritch Blast and Hex, but you can also get those by choosing the Magic Initiate: Warlock feat, which is what I recommend if you are starting out as a Sorcerer. I recommend starting as Warlock if you are going to dual-class in that way, since that would get you the best benefits early, so you can use them the whole game.

You can also multi-class Fighter to get Action Surge, which is outrageous when paired with the Sorcerer’s flexibility. You can also opt to grab a few levels in Bard if you want healing capabilities, new proficiencies, and the lot.

Baldur's Gate 3 is filled to the brim with activities and mysteries. You'll no doubt be part of an adventure that can take countless hours to complete. For other tips, you can visit our BG3 guides hub.

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