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Balatro Special Edition Preorders Live At Amazon - Get 10 Physical Cards From The Game As A Bonus

Balatro's physical edition releases September 17 for Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X.


Balatro is one of 2024's breakout hits. The roguelike deckbuilder puts a unique twist on the average poker match. Along with intriguing mechanics immense replayability, the wildly popular game offers a striking art style and a fun progression system that sees you building the ultimate hand to rack up as many points as possible. The released in February to widespread acclaim, and soon it will be available in physical format as Balatro Special Edition. It's bound to be popular, so consider preordering a copy ahead of its September 17 release date.

Preorder at Amazon:

Our Balatro review gave the compelling deckbuilder game a 9/10, thanks to its generous reward system, satisfying gameplay loop, and heaps of ways to customize your playstyle.

"Balatro ticks all the boxes for a roguelite that creates a feedback loop that's difficult to draw yourself away from," wrote critic Alessandro Barbosa. "Its fundamentals are incredibly easy to understand, even if you're unfamiliar with poker, but the ways in which it works within the game's boundaries (and often breaks free from them) injects a level of depth to each hand to play that's both challenging and rewarding to continually engage with. It's a game that will melt away time as you hit play on one run after the next, with each defeat never stinging long enough to dissuade the possibility of victory on the next."

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