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Balatro Is In The Works For Mobile And Just Passed A Big Sales Milestone

Wild card.


In just under a month, Balatro has already sold 1 million copies. Developer LocalThunk hopes to grow that number even larger as well, with mobile versions for the poker roguelite in the works.

The sales milestone was confirmed by the official Balatro account on X (formerly known as Twitter). Meanwhile, LocalThunk confirmed mobile ports were coming during a Reddit AMA last week. The developer also noted it was behind these new versions for Android and iOS, not outsourcing the ports.

LocalThunk also said there will be updates for the game, noting: "I have a lot of ideas for directions to take Balatro." Don't expect more complexity as the game evolves. Instead, LocalThunk wants to "add more options, more opportunities for emergence, more secrets," if possible.

Last month, Balatro became a Steam hit seemingly out of nowhere by selling 250,000 copies in 72 hours. The card game mixes poker with roguelite elements, such as 150 unique Joker cards. There is a campaign mode featuring eight different difficulties, along with daily challenges. Balatro also boasts an old-school, CRT visual aesthetic that stands out.

GameSpot's Balatro review says "it's a game that will melt away time as you hit play on one run after the next, with each defeat never stinging long enough to dissuade the possibility of victory on the next." Balatro is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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