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Balatro Is Finally Getting A Physical Release

The developer behind the indie hit Balatro reveals that the game is heading for a special physical release.


One of the surprise success stories of 2024 is Balatro, a poker-themed roguelike deck-building game that was created by a single developer who goes by the name LocalThunk. Gamers have embraced the title and made it a hit on Steam and consoles. Now, Balatro is getting a special physical release as well.

LocalThunk confirmed the release himself with a post on X, which included the news that the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X editions will come with a pack of Joker/booster cards.

The news was originally announced via Giant Bomb, which included an early glimpse at the box for the Switch edition.

In GameSpot's Balatro review, Alessandro Barbosa wrote that "Balatro ticks all the boxes for a roguelite that creates a feedback loop that's difficult to draw yourself away from. Its fundamentals are incredibly easy to understand, even if you're unfamiliar with poker," before adding that "It's a game that will melt away time as you hit play on one run after the next, with each defeat never stinging long enough to dissuade the possibility of victory on the next."

The release date for Balatro's physical editions hasn't been announced yet.

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