Bad Mojo returns to PCs

The highly rated, photo-realistic cockroach adventure game will be rereleased this November.


Got Game Entertainment announced today that the publisher will rerelease Bad Mojo--which made its debut on PCs in 1996--this November. Rated highly upon release (including a 9.0 from GameSpot), Bad Mojo was originally programmed by San Francisco-based Pulse Entertainment and starred a man who had transformed into a lowly cockroach. The player must solve puzzles and stay alive in a filthy, dilapidated apartment building while in roach form.

The game's photo-realistic graphics and video sequences made it a showpiece for high-end home computers in 1996--Bad Mojo required a full 8MB of RAM and 20MB of hard disk space. Got Game Entertainment will work with the original publisher to update the technology (so the game will run on newer PCs and Macs via a hybrid CD-ROM) and add bonus features.

Check out GameSpot's 1996-vintage review of the original release of Bad Mojo for more details. A classic demo is available as well, but it may not run on contemporary hardware.

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