Bad Day L.A. imminent

American McGee's hobo empowerment action game goes gold for PC; City of Angels set to be hit by terrorists, zombies, tsunamis, and more August 28.


Aspyr Media has confirmed that American McGee's Bad Day L.A. has gone gold and will ship to stores by the end of the month, a bit of good news for a game built on nothing but bad news.

When it ships August 28, Bad Day L.A. will cast players in the role of one of the city's homeless, Anthony Williams. An otherwise fine day turns sour when a terrorist attack spreads biochemical gas throughout the city. Those who inhale the fumes become zombies and begin to rampage. That's followed up by an earthquake, a tsunami, meteors, riots, and a full-on invasion from the Mexican army.

For more on Bad Day L.A., check out GameSpot's recent interview with American McGee, in which the game designer discusses the game's satirical use of violence, possible adaptations for TV and film, and the process of outsourcing development to China. Bad Day L.A. is rated M for Mature.

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