Bad Company 3, Mirror's Edge 2 spotted on resumes

Various LinkedIn profile pages indicate DICE may be at work on third entry in shooter franchise, sequel to 2008 free-running game.


Mirror's Edge
Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield: Bad Company 3 and Mirror's Edge 2 have been spotted on various profile pages at professional networking site LinkedIn (tracked down by GamerZines), indicating DICE is possibly at work on sequels to its shooter and free-running franchises.

Is DICE reenlisting Bad Company?
Is DICE reenlisting Bad Company?

The Bad Company 3 reference comes from a user who said he "provided video game prototype, design, and demo feedback on various AAA titles including Battlefield: Bad Company 3, Dead Space 2, Devil May Cry 5, and other unannounced titles" between 2009 and 2011.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 shipped during March 2010, and to date, no mention has been made of a follow-up. A sequel to that title would not come as much of a surprise, as it won warm reviews upon launch, and sold nearly 6 million copies. A spin-off to the core Battlefield franchise, the Bad Company series launched in 2008 with the well-received original.

As for Mirror's Edge 2, the profile page of an ex-EA software engineer says he worked on that game between July and August 2009, creating the "wandering of crowd system within the Unreal 3 Engine." Yet another former EA employee's page says he built "new gadget and interactive features" for Mirror's Edge 2, as well as leaderboards and a minigame inside the Mirror's Edge story.

A sequel to Mirror's Edge has not been formally announced, but in June 2009, EA Games Europe vice president Patrick Soderlund confirmed a follow-up was in the works. At the time, he said, "You will see another Mirror's Edge for sure. It's just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it. We have a small team on it, and I'm excited about what we do."

An EA representative told GameSpot, "We do not comment on rumors or speculation."

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Bad Company 3 would be a midnight launch day 1 buy for sure!

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I love the Battlefield and Bad Company series. Bad Company 3 would be a first day buy for me.

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They're coming through Alaska

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leave a LIKE BFBC3

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BAD COMPANY 3.......FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bad Company 3 will be a day one buy for me for sure!!!!

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I loved mirrors edge, I captured the perspective of free running that not many people realize, parkourists and fee runners everywhere loved the game for that reason. Although the first didn't sell that great, keep in mind that free running and parkour weren't really that well known either. Yet now it has sky rocketed. Everywhere you go you see it in today's media on comercials, tv shows movies etc. but what set mirrors edge apart from these in the beginning was the direct aprouch to the sport/life style. I think it would be worth it to give it another go and create a sequel. With the story line having the same values for "the flow" and "living on the mirrors edge". I'm no investor or developer, just a free runner and a huge fan of the first game. And hopefully the first guy to pre order the sequel.

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Bad Company 3 would be AWSM:D I would love to see if Sarge ever gets retired!

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Yes! I loved Mirror's Edge, while it may have not been for everyone, I think it was very underrated. My only complaints were:

(1) Crappy combat

(2) She was so weak that if a bad guy even looked at her she was dead, which was problematic when you were trying to pull off some complicated jumping/running combos and while getting gang raped with like 10 guards with guns

Those minor complaints aside, I absolutely can't wait for a sequel. I play through the game several times, and enjoyed it each time. I want to see where the story goes too!

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@monicker I really liked the fact you could die easily, made your parkour abilities all the more important, and her frailty as a human all the more significant. Crappy combat? I agree, but I thought, combat aside, the first person camera WHILE in combat was great. There needs to be more evasive maneuvers and a longer story.

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I love mirrors edge !!!! And ofcourse bad company 3,but mirrors edge was really really awesome ! Dice......we want mirrors edge 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 ..............................................................................................mirrors edge 6545315313163216

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Would love to see a Mirror's Edge 2. Maybe more open this time. Bad Company 3 would be a welcome release too...

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Ok for any one who thought BF3 was actually a good game you are clumped together with the COD noobs. The game was GARBAGE glad I got rid of it, BFBC2 (In my opinion was one of the greatest shooter games X-box has had thus far, If you haven't played Sniper Elite then you should check it out, It is the BEST sniper action I have seen on a game I do hope that BFBC 3 will Keep the game play like BFBC2 but add things into it like what you get in sniper elite. There are so many things that could be added to enhance the realism and make people just not want to stop playing it I mean that is the point of gaming. If they haven't started on the game as of yet I think they need to do an open board and see what kind of things TRUE fans can come up with.

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@Cerebralreaper6 I totally agree with you. My buddy and I were on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for a long time until we both saved up for Battlefield 3. I was so amped up, last Friday when I opened it up. The gigs of updates were a drag but I didn't mind. It was BF3!!! The campaign was pretty cool however I turned sour in my opinion towards the game, very cynical in fact. I realized how similar the play style of the campaign is to that of Call of Duty and not like that of Bad Company. I aknowledge that BF3 is a sequel to Battlefield 2, which has a different feel than that of Bad Company. However, all introduced concepts like completely destructible battlegrounds were scrapped in favor of a Call of Duty like game play. The online... Really pissed me off. I started to get frustrated and then doubt my purchase. Everything that haunted me back when I played Modern Warfare 2 began to haunt me. Noob tubed, rocket launched, knifed insanely, c4'ed. I got like 5-18 most times. Something like 19-4 if the map is good and I play recon and hide like the whole game. It was Call of Duty all over again. I feel like EA is pressuring DICE to broaden its marketing to Call of Duty fans for competitive and $$$ reasons. I have to see I will see myself still playing BF3 because of nice things like weapon upgrades, jets, and more. However BFBC2 will not be forgotten in my heart and I will still play often. So I'm with you, let's hope for another fantastic, fun, and enjoyable Bad Company 3 with its destructible signature and open ended maps with less exploitive weaponry to balance the fun factor. And I want to see Marlow, Sweetwater, Hagard and Sarge again!!!

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@Rafelito45 @Cerebralreaper6 Honestly I couldn't stand BF3 either, but I totally disagree that it's because it was too much like call of duty. It's nothing like call of duty. The problem with BF3 is that the maps are just way too big for consoles when you only have 12v12. It's a total joke to be honest. I don't understand your comparisons to call of duty though in which the maps are very small.

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God I hope they go back to bad company because the campaign for BF3 was a pile of crap.

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Just give us all the new game PLEASE. I don't care if most people hate it or complain because it is not what they want I love Bad Company and am still playing BC2.

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Obviously you've never played BC1. BC2's controls were such a overhaul compared to 1. And if you thought that BC2's controls were bad, you must have been horrible at the game. BC2's controls is not worse than BF3. Just because it felt slower in BC2 doesn't mean that its less accurate. By the way, its "were", not "where".

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@shinspikes Play on PC and you probably wont have that problem

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@shinspikes am i the only one, that wanted guns to react inaccurately like pre-patch bf3? It feels more like a gun than holding a laser blaster

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@y3ivan @shinspikes I agree with shinspikes. I used to love Call of Duty but I instantly fell in love with Bad Company 1 then 2. Bad Company 2 dose have improved controls and BF3's is perfectly fine as well. However. BF3's gameplay feels like I have to empty a whole clip on a enemy and still barely kill him most times. (I'm still only like level 13 however.) also the default sensitivity is way to sensitive in my opinion. It feels like what those Call of Duty quick scopers like setting it to, kind of. At least shinspikes played both BFBC2 and BF3. Did you at least give Bad Company 2 a chance.? I promise you, you will love it.

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MIRROR'S EDGE 2!!! Me wants this now!

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BadCompany defines tht taking cover behind a wall isnt safe expect BC3...................Bt BF3????????Well BF3's the worst piece of shit in the history of BF games...damn sure whatever happens.......

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@Warfighter_971 Agreed.

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@Rafelito45 @Warfighter_971

Try battle field 1942 with the Desert storm mod. Old game yes, but it’s still fun blowing your friends/enemies away with an MRLS (Multiple rocket launch system) or Scud missile launcher.

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Gawd I'm a n00b, I thought Battlefield 3 WAS Battlefield Bad Company 3. Hahaha boy was I in for a shock.

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Mirrors Edge is side by side with Vanquish as the most overlooked games in recent memory. Glad that a sequel is planned (even if not confirmed yet). :)

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I want to see a new WW2 shooter. The beginning of BC2 was awesome with fighting the Japanese.

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Please, PLEASE bring us Mirror's Edge 2. It was a very underrated game and extremely fun and challenging. Who doesn't love some amazingly fun parkour?

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I don't really give a thing to ME2, finding BF news more exciting though

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Maybe becasue u didnt play mirrors edge ?If u played it u wouldnt say that at all,and if u played it and u said that...that means u didnt get the good story and the awesome action of the game,u better go back and play mario forever :)

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I hope EA hasn't cancelled Mirror's Edge 2. It would be the best E3 ever if they officially revealed it.

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Mirror's Edge will only become successful if it transforms into a free roam game.

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@carllfc well I hear ya, I enjoyed Assassin's Creed dungeon puzzles. and the rooftop running but, still not the same.

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@carllfc even liking the first as it was I totally agree that a huge free roam sandbox would kick some serious a**!!

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BC2 was awesome, and I loved, (still love) the MP. Battlefield 3, is playable, but the campaign sucked, and the MP, (at least on a PS3) is clunky at best.

Please, I would love another dose of the Bad Company series!

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MORE BFBC2 :Vietnam content please :)

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They can make a million BFBC's for all I care.


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As much a I like flying jets, the BC games worked so much better on console with the 24 players the maps for the most part where more focused on ground/soldier combat

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@Scottisme Also, to be honest, soldier combat seems to work a lot better in BF3 than BC2. Heck, they have entire maps based around close quarter combat so I don't quite see what the problem is.

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@Grovilis honestly i prefer BFBC3 to have a automatic scaleable gamesize. It will automatic scale map & objectives ie:32 players for a large map, 16 players for a medium map and 8 players to be squad deathmatch to be done on the fly without any loading or server swapping. Section8:prejudice did it.

BF3 been fix game size made the 16 player in 64 player maps ridiculous. The game is close to death in my region, so i really recommend this feature to be in.

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@Grovilis IF theres 64 players playing at the sametime.

at first, I though BF3 was an improvement of BFBC2, turnout to be more like an improvement of BF2. Most of the server/host function are pretty much the same as BF2.

I really hope for server mod tools to be included. Stock servers are horrible

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@y3ivan I can certainly agree with you there. I'm surprised at how many people want to do 24 player matches in conquest large mode on Caspian Border. The game is certainly a blast with when playing 64 player matches on 64 player maps, though.

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@Scottisme Correct me if I'm wrong as I have not played BC2 on PC, but isn't there an option to play on 24 player servers?

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then go play call of duty if you dont like it

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@thejones225 Because you did not like his opinion, you told him to go play call of duty?

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@Pr0ving4Gr0undz Well that's the go to move for every idiot under the sun that doesn't like open-mindedness and differing opinions "oh, he doesn't agree with me? He must be a CoD fanboy!"

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@Alexanderone If I had a blockbuster near me I would be angry. I can't rent games anymore :(