Bad Boys 4 Officially In The Works

Bad Boys For Life, more like Bad Boys 4 Ever.


Following a shockingly enjoyable third installment, Bad Boys For Life, Michael Bay's cult classic franchise Bad Boys is on track for a fourth film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Writer Chris Bremner, who worked on Bad Boys For Life, has been tapped to write the script for the film. Stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are, naturally, expected to return. According to THR, the plan for the fourth film is to eliminate the "time lag" between installments, referencing the 17-year gap between Bad Boys II, released in 2003, and Bad Boys For Life in 2020. Of course, this likely means we'll be seeing the return of some of the franchise's newer characters introduced in For Life as well, like Venessa Hudgens, Charles Melton, and Alexander Ludwig--but a complete cast list for the project has yet to be revealed.

In GameSpot's review of Bad Boy's For Life, Chris E. Hayner said: "Ultimately, Bad Boys for Life is better than practically anyone could expect. While it would have been easy to rely on the nostalgia of seeing the iconic trio of Smith, Lawrence, and explosions on-screen together again, the new film strives to be so much more and manages to pull it off. And what's more, it also provides a blueprint for what the franchise could become in the future, should audiences want to see more.

Bad Boys For Life hits theaters today, January 17, 2020.

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