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Backbreaker: Vengeance crunching XBLA this summer

New version of original game's popular "Tackle Alley" mode exclusively hitting Microsoft's online store this summer; price, release date TBA.


505 Games' arcade style football game Backbreaker was released last summer to middling reception. The game was, however, lauded for its Tackle Alley game mode, which was later spun off into an iOS game. Now, that mode is getting a release all its own this summer exclusively on the Xbox Live Arcade.

[Insert cliche about Backbreaker returning with a vengeance here]
[Insert cliche about Backbreaker returning with a vengeance here]

The news stems from Backbreaker's official Facebook page, which confirms Backbreaker: Vengeance and redirects players to a preview of the new game at Cheat Code Central.

If Vengeance replicates the Tackle Alley mode found in the original Backbreaker, in the game players will start 100 yards away from the end zone with the ball and must avoid a slew of oncoming bruisers by evading and effective juking.

Vengeance is powered by the Euphoria game engine, which was also used in hot Rockstar properties like Grand Theft Auto: IV and Red Dead Redemption.

Currently, Backbreaker: Vengeance is slated for a "summer" premiere on XBLA. Unfortunately, 505 Games has not placed a specific release date or price on the game. For more on the original Backbreaker, check out GameSpot's review.

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