Backbone One Controllers With USB-C Will Now Support Android And iPhone 15

The Android versions of the Backbone One controller are receiving updates for universal compatibility.


With Apple finally ditching its Lightning connector for a USB-C port in its new iPhone 15 line of smartphones, Backbone has announced a rebranding of its Android line of controllers. The Backbone controller, a cradle that you can slot your phone in and essentially turn it into a handheld gaming console for downloaded and cloud games, will be upgraded to become compatible with both iPhone 15 series and Android devices.

Backbone controller
Backbone controller

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Existing customers can expect to receive an update via the Backbone app for their current (Android) USB-C controller starting September 12, allowing their devices to work with the iPhone 15 series models. For new customers, all Backbone USB-C controllers--including Backbone One for Android and Backbone One: PlayStation Edition for Android-- will feature universal compatibility.

The Backbone One became GameSpot's pick for the best iPhone controller, but with this new change, you won't have to worry about controller support when jumping between iOS and Android. While you can pick up the Backbone in various versions, the PlayStation Edition is an especially striking edition that mirrors the design of the PS5 DualSense controller with transparent face buttons and an all-white design. It can also connect to other PlayStation accessories like the the Pulse 3D headset via Bluetooth, and you can use it to play any game available on your phone.

Basically, it's a more flexible PlayStation Portal with support for other games, and at $100 for a brand-new Backbone, a much more affordable alternative to that $200 device.

And with the iPhone 15 Pro set to natively support AAA games like the Resident Evil 4 remake, Assassin's Creed Mirage, and Resident Evil Village, dedicated iOS controllers like the Backbone One will be even more compelling.

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