Back to the Future game out in December

Telltale announces launch month and platforms for its episodic Back to the Future adventure game.


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Back to the Future: The Game will launch in December for the PC and Mac, with a PlayStation 3 and iPad version coming later, Telltale Games has announced.

Back in the near future.
Back in the near future.

Back to the Future: The Game comes from the developer of Tales of Monkey Island and Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. As with those games, Back to the Future will span five episodes, with one episode released each month. Telltale secured the deal to make a Back to the Future game back in June, along with the rights to adapt Jurassic Park.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the studio's design director Dave Grossman told GameSpot to expect an experience that advances Telltale's approach to adventure games: "You can expect Back to the Future to be the next step in the evolution that we have been doing for the adventure game--probably a little more accessible and directed. We've been moving things in that direction for a long time."

On the newly launched official site, the PC and Mac versions of the game are available for preorder. The $24.95 (£16) preorder bundle includes Telltale's Puzzle Agent puzzle adventure game, access to a community "insider forum," and a $1 donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. The site is also inviting users to register to receive the first episode for free.

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