Back to beta for Magic Online 2.0

Wizards of the Coast sets up free beta servers for Magic: The Gathering Online following a number of problems with the game.


Wizards of the Coast has recently updated its official Magic: The Gathering Online Web site with word that, following problems for a large number of players, it has been forced to suspend all game queues and tournaments and set up free beta servers for the game while the development team rectifies the situation. Cards, avatars, and ratings changes on the beta server will not be transferred to the live server, but Wizards of the Coast is urging players to continue as normal so that they can identify and address any problems that arise.

"We're well aware of all the problems that you've been discussing on the boards, and we're doing everything we can to solve them. Because of the degradation of stability over the past 48 hours, we're changing our tactics," reads the announcement from Wizards of the Coast's Daniel Myers. "The current problems with Magic Online have made it unacceptable to continue any form of sanctioned play. All queues and tournaments will be taken down until further notice and will only be brought up again once we achieve a much more stable server."

Based on the Magic: The Gathering collectible-card strategy game, Magic: The Gathering Online 2.0 is a completely revised version of Magic: The Gathering Online, which was released back in June 2002. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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