Back 4 Blood Tunnels Of Terror Expansion Is Now Live

Two new playable Cleaners and a new co-op activity has been added.


Turtle Rock Studios has released Tunnels of Terror, the first of three expansions for Back 4 Blood.

Since the first-person shooter launched in October 2021, Tunnels of Terror is the first DLC to introduce two new playable Cleaners, Sharice and Heng. Players will be able to craft Makeshift Armor for Sharice, while Heng provides additional supplies and visibility on obscured items and Prepper Stashes. Both characters can be accessed in the campaign and Swarn PvP for DLC owners, but are also unlockable in Swarm for non-DLC owners.

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A new co-op activity called Ridden Hives has also been added to the game, which tasks players with teaming up and exploring seven different dungeons in the depths of Evansburgh that are overrun by Warped Ridden.

New cards are also available, with two of the five Director cards being Ridden Hive specific, along with new character and weapon skins, banners, sprays, and emblems. In terms of gameplay, while in a safe room, players can now unbold their weapon for 500 copper, allowing them to freely swap or remove weapon attachments.

Additionally, Turtle Rock has finally released the ultra-difficult No Hope difficulty mode for the game, as well as seven legendary weapons, 13 legendary attachments, and 12 new achievements and accomplishments for players to obtain.

Turtle Rock previously revealed the roadmap for Back 4 Blood, confirming that a collection of free updates are still set to arrive in 2022, as well as two other expansions that have yet to be named. Both DLCs are also expected to release this year.

Back in March, the developer announced that 10 million people have played Back 4 Blood, becoming 2021's best-selling new IP for consoles.

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