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Back 4 Blood Is $25 At Walmart And Amazon For Black Friday

Back 4 Blood gets a steep Black Friday discount, just in time for the holiday season.


This time of the year is usually a reminder of the importance of friends and family. Especially when you're looking to carve a path through a seemingly endless horde of infected people who have developed cannibalistic tastes as of late. Back 4 Blood scratches those highly-specific tastes for social fun, as this spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead is classic zombie apocalypse action that's best played with real people.

If you've been looking to grab the game at a decent price, now's a great time to have a look at Black Friday deals on the game at major retailers. The best Back 4 Blood deal is at Walmart, Aamzon, and GameStop for $25, but we wouldn't be surprised if it sold out. You can also grab Back 4 Blood for $40 at Best Buy.

More than just a cooperative zombie-slaying game, Back 4 Blood also adds a few interesting ideas to the formula that made Left 4 Dead so popular during its heyday. Ravenous zombie hordes adapt to your skill level so that there's always an element of danger, the deck-building mechanic makes each game unique with a series of optional mutators, and the PVP Swarm mode is a fun diversion from the campaign when you're in the mood for some competitive action.

"Turtle Rock's return to the genre it created is still excellent fun, provided you have others to share in the zombie-bashing," critic Richard Wakeling said in his Back 4 Blood review.

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