Back 4 Blood Guide: How To Beat The Final Boss

The Abomination puts up a tough fight but can be taken down with the right equipment and careful placement.


After working through Back 4 Blood's three multi-part acts, players are met with a grand finale, a multi-stage boss that jolts the game's difficulty up to 11. It comes complete with massive tentacles, area-denying acid, and waves of zombies to boot. Tackling this boss isn't an easy task, but one that can be simplified with careful placement and the right cards.

And just so we're all clear, there are some major spoilers ahead, so don't read on unless you're ready to beat down Back 4 Blood's final boss. Anyone just getting started with the game can check out our list of five essential Back 4 Blood tips. Back 4 Blood is currently available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC, and via Xbox Game Pass.

Pick the right cards before going in

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Before even starting this boss fight, make a custom deck built just for it. Not a single card here goes to waste since you're given every single one at the start of the level. Load yourself up with cards that tack on extra weakspot damage, weapon damage, and reduce the damage done to themselves. For good measure, some cards that increase ammo capacity aren't a bad idea either, since the only thing this boss eats more than people is bullets.

Additionally, anyone playing with a group of friends should make sure at least one person is geared up as a medic. You're going to receive plenty of damage during this fight, so a character that can apply healing items with more efficiency or get players up faster is a huge help.

Phase 1

The Abomination's first phase has you battling its tentacles as they pop out from the ground. This part of the fight is by far the easiest, which may worry some players since it's extremely easy to lose here as well. The creature's tentacles will pop out from the ground and slam down, dealing a good amount of damage on a hit. However, there are specific spots on the level where you can stand that are just out of range of these attacks.

For the first tentacle, put your back against the wall to the right side of the arena, right next to a massive pile of tires. A safe spot for the second tentacle is on the raised platform to the left of where you entered the arena.

Safe spots to attack tentacles 1, 2, 3, and 4, from left to right.

The last two tentacles are approached on opposite sides, with the one closer to the convenience store easily being destroyed from the area immediately to the left of the raised platform. The final tentacle can't reach under the small alcove made by the store directly in front of it, so stand there for a safe shot at the thing.

While battling all of these tentacles, keep in mind that zombies and special infected will continue to attack. Each destroyed tentacle will also occasionally spew out acid, so don't stick around them even after they're down.

Phase 2

Get as close as you can to The Abomination's mouth to deal the most damage.
Get as close as you can to The Abomination's mouth to deal the most damage.

Once its limbs are dealt with, The Abomination will retreat back into the ground. Take this time to get ammo or new weapons from the surrounding crates and dive into the holes left by the tentacles. The new arena you will be greeted by includes the Abomination's face, sticking right out of the wall. Here, you'll have to hit two weakspots in the creature's mouth while they dodge tentacle attacks and take out attacking zombies.

During this section, the Abomination's tentacles will sprout out from the wall and puke acid into the middle of the arena before slamming down on the outside walls. There isn't any single safe spot, so while the tentacles are spitting acid, back up. Immediately after they slam down, get into the middle of the stage, and prepare to attack. The creature will roar, exposing its two weakspots. Close-range gunfire will pack a solid punch against them, but for a huge burst of damage, chuck any thrown weapons available into its maw.

This process repeats a good number of times, meaning the only challenge during this phase is avoiding the slam attacks coming from The Abomination's tentacles. Up to four of them sprout from the wall, but if you can stand between the gaps in their spacing, they'll be able to avoid getting hit. From there, run into the middle of the stage and get ready to fire.

Phase 3

Don't get crushed while attacking The Abomination's weakspots.
Don't get crushed while attacking The Abomination's weakspots.

Once you have delivered a torrent of bullets straight to The Abomination's maw, it'll try to turn tail and run away, the coward. From here on, taking out the boss is simple, although there are still some dangers. It has four weakspots that have to be destroyed: one on its top, one on each side, and one on its bottom, right under the tail.

Each weakspot can be taken out easily, as the arena you chase the creature through has plenty of options for getting around. The fight's usual hazards are still around though, with The Abomination spewing out more acid and, you guessed it, even more zombies pouring out from the walls.

However, the biggest threat you have to worry about during this section is getting crushed by The Abomination. The thing's entire model is one massive hitbox, and as soon as you touch it, you're down. It's mainly an issue when the weakspot on the bottom of the creature has to be destroyed, but there are also times when its model clips through the level's paths. That means you can be walking along and suddenly get downed. Be extremely aware of The Abomination's model, and if it's on any paths, be sure to walk somewhere else.

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