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Back 4 Blood Characters Guide: How To Unlock, Perks, And Gear

Here's everything you need to know about unlocking Back 4 Blood's full cast.


Back 4 Blood combines Left 4 Dead's level mechanics with RPG elements, and as such, each character (or Cleaner) has its own bonuses and starting gear. However, players only start with half of the game's eight character cast unlocked. Getting the other half won't take too long for new players though, as it requires making just a bit of progress through Back 4 Blood's campaign. For anyone who is just getting started with the game, we have a guide on essential Back 4 Blood tips for making zombie killing as easy as possible. Back 4 Blood is currently available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5, as well as Xbox Game Pass. Check out our tips to know before starting and five cards you should always use.

How to unlock all of Back 4 Blood's Characters

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Back 4 Blood starts players out with four characters: Evagelo, Walker, Holly, and Mom. They're a good bunch to start with, and each character comes with a set of perks. Mom, for instance, gives the entire team one extra life and can instantly revive a teammate once per level. Holly, on the other hand, recovers 10 stamina when she kills a zombie and gives the entire team 25 more stamina. Each character is geared towards a certain build, but the latter four players unlock allow a bit more flexibility.

Unlocking Back 4 Blood's four extra characters is easy. Players simply have to progress through the first block of the game's first act. Specifically, that's the four levels in The Devil's Return section, starting at Resurgence and ending at The Crossing. Once all four missions have been completed, players can pick any of Back 4 Blood's other four characters to play as.

The four new Cleaners players will unlock are Doc, Hoffman, Jim, and Karlee, all of whom are viable at some point during the game. You can find a list of every character's abilities and starting gear below.

Back 4 Blood character details


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Passive: Evangelo can quickly break out of grabs once every 60 seconds. He also has a 25% bonus to stamina regen.

Team Effects: 5% bonus to move speed

Starting Gear: Machete


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Passive: Precision kills give Walker a 20% accuracy bonus for five seconds. Walker also deals an extra 10% damage to all enemies.

Team Effects: 10 bonus health to all team members

Starting Gear: Glock 23


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Passive: Holly gains 10 stamina for each zombie she kills and has a 10% bonus to damage resistance.

Team Effects: Holly gives each team member 25 extra stamina

Starting Gear: Bat


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Passive: Mom has an extra support item slot and can instantly revive one teammate once per level.

Team Effects: With one party member playing as Mom, the entire team gets one extra life

Starting Gear: The Belgian (Sawed-off shotgun)


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Passive: Doc can heal each teammate for 25 health once per level, and restores 20% more health with healing items.

Team Effects: Reduces how much max health is lost due to Trauma by 25%

Starting Gear: Beretta M9


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Passive: Hoffman has an extra offensive inventory slot and has a chance to spawn ammo every time he kills a zombie.

Team Effects: All members of a team can carry 10% more ammo

Starting Gear: M1911


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Passive: Jim can aim down sights 25% faster by default, and gains a stacking 2.5% bonus to damage with every precision kill that lasts until he takes damage.

Team Effects: With Jim on the team players deal an extra 10% damage to Weakspots

Starting Gear: 357 Magnum


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Passive: Karlee has one extra quick inventory slot and highlights any nearby hazards or special infected.

Team Effects: Karlee gives her teammates a 50% speed bonus when using any item

Starting Gear: Tec 9

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