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Babylon's Fall Dev "Extremely Sorry" For Fans' Disappointment, But Won't Give Up On Live-Service Games

Despite the game coming up short, Platinum Games is committed to making more live-service games.


Bayonetta developer Platinum Games' CEO has apologized for letting fans down with the company's newest game, Babylon's Fall. The game launched in March 2022 and its servers are shutting down in February 2023.

Speaking to VGC, Atsushi Inaba said the team has learned from the experience and won't abandon plans to make live-service games in the future. He told the site that the studio is "extremely sorry" that Babylon's Fall turned out the way it did, but he isn't able to comment completely due to commitments with its partners.

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Inaba said fans who want more answers ought to reach out to the game's publisher, Square Enix.

"That's one of the reasons we're not fond of our current situation that only limits us to game development, to be honest with you… in terms of any concrete reasons or the process that led to this conclusion of the title, you’d have to go ahead and ask Square Enix about the details, unfortunately," Inaba said.

The executive went on to say that he understands that the closure of online servers for Babylon's Fall may have "triggered some disappointment, perhaps maybe even anger," among the community.

"Any disappointment that we might have caused for our fan base is something we feel extremely sorry about, the fact that we led our dedicated fans to feel that way as a developer. Providing any sentiment other than enjoyment and fun in our creations to players is something that we're not very happy about at all as a developer," he said.

Despite the way Babylon's Fall turned out, Inaba said there are no changes "at all" regarding Platinum's plans to make more live-services games, which it plans to.

Platinum's next game is Bayonetta 3, which releases at the end of October for Nintendo Switch. The studio is also working on a mysterious project under the codename Project G.G. It is in the very early stages of production.

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