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B2G1 Free Black Friday Blu-Ray Sale At Amazon - Best Deals On Anime, Marvel, DC, And More

Amazon's event is loaded with iconic movies and TV shows, making this the perfect time to update your collection.


Black Friday 2023 is in full effect at Amazon, as the retailer is currently offering a massive buy two, get one free sale. The catalog is filled with hundreds of Blu-ray movies and TV shows, many of which are seeing generous discounts--bringing them down to the lowest price of the year. Wading through the oversized catalog to find the best deals can be challenging, so we've put together a list of our favorite deals below. Note that the B2G1 free promotion will automatically be applied to your order during checkout (discounting the lowest-priced item to a cool $0). We've split the deals into categories to make it easier to browse, and you can use our table of contents below to jump directly to what you're looking for.

B2G1 free Blu-ray Black Friday sale

If you don’t find three Blu-rays you like, the B2G1 free sale includes thousands of other products, such as books, toys, and home goods. Be sure to take a few minutes to browse the selection to see what else Amazon has to offer. Make sure to check out GameSpot's roundup of the best book offers in the B2G1 free sale, too.


Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop

Anime is heavily featured in the B2G1 free event, and you'll find no shortage of Studio Ghibli films in the catalog. This includes the iconic Spirited Away for $13 (down from $30) and My Neighbor Totoro for $12 (down from $30). You'll also find Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series for $28 (down from $60), so consider giving it a look if you missed out on the highly regarded series.

Studio Ghibli

More anime

Marvel and DC

Spider-Man 3-movie collection
Spider-Man 3-movie collection

The Marvel and DC universes have seen incredible growth over the past decade--and many films and TV shows are on sale right now. Spider-Man: Three Movie Collection is a particular standout at just $26 (down from $56), and if you need more web-slinging action, step up to the Spider-Man: 8 Movie Collection for $56 (down from $120). Meanwhile, DC fans can check out the Batman: 4-Film Collection for $12 or bask in nostalgia with Batman: The Complete Animated Series for $50. Whether you want live-action blockbusters or classic animated shows, there's probably something here of interest.





Movie and TV box sets

Fast & Furious box set
Fast & Furious box set

Looking to make the most out of Amazon's B2G1 free sale? Then you'll want to pick up as many box sets as you can afford. You can easily add dozens of hours of content to your collection by snagging the Fast & Furious: 10-Movie Collection (4K) for $91 (down from $155), The Office: The Complete Series for $45 (down from $75), and The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (4K) for $75 (down from $90). Not only are all three discounted, but if you purchase them together during Amazon's sale, you'll get The Office for free--saving you an extra $45. There are plenty of other great box sets to consider, so check out our favorites below.

More Movies

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Whether you're interested in something new like Barbie and The Super Mario Bros Movie or a classic like Kill Bill and Top Gun, there's bound to be something in this Black Friday event that catches your eye. Several films have even been remastered and support 4K resolutions--including Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, which is now on sale for $25 (down from $40).

Cartoons + Animated Movies

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Adventure Time: The Complete Series is one of the best deals right now, as it's getting a massive price cut to just $53 (down from $95). Other notable cartoons and animated movies in the B2G1 catalog include Transformers: Complete Original Series for $34 (down from $70), Up (4K) for $22 (down from $40), and Scooby-Doo Where Are You: Complete Series for $25 (down from $40).

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