Axl Rose loses Guitar Hero suit - Report

Court tosses out Guns N' Roses frontman's 2010 lawsuit against Activision, which claimed publisher duped him.


Activision has scored a Guitar Hero legal battle, according to a new report at The San Marino Tribune. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has dismissed the remains of Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose's lawsuit against the publisher, which claimed Activision duped him in several ways.

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Rose sued Activision in 2010 for its use of the virtual likeness of Saul Hudson (better known as the top-hat-donning axe legend Slash) in Guitar Hero III. Rose further alleged that Activision convinced him to lend "Welcome to the Jungle" to Guitar Hero III on the grounds that the game would not feature Slash's likeness or the guitarist's follow-up group, Velvet Revolver.

Slash was featured heavily in Guitar Hero III. He graced the game's cover and was a playable character in the game. Further, songs from Velvet Revolver ("She Builds Quick Machines," "Slither," and "Messages") were made available to gamers as downloadable content following the game's release.

Rose also claimed Activision promised him a band-specific title called Guitar Hero: Guns N' Roses.

An Activision representative was not immediately available to comment.

The high-profile No Doubt vs. Activision Band Hero suit was settled in October. Terms of the deal were not specified, though the settlement came just days before the case was to be heard by a jury.

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