Awesome GTA 5 Mod Takes Players To Space To Battle Aliens

Check out Grand Theft Space.


There's been no shortage of crazy and incredible mods made for Grand Theft Auto V, but most of them stay within the bounds of San Andreas. At this point, though--years after the game's original release--a group of modders apparently decided that the city was feeling a little stale and wanted to expand. And so they created a mod that takes GTA V to the final frontier.

Grand Theft Space, as it's called, is an ambitious mod that aims to let you explore space and battle with aliens. It's still in development, but the trailer that the team released gives a glimpse of a mod that's already awesome. Check it out below.

You can see from the video that you'll be able to blast off into space in a shuttle, explore the solar system, careen around the moon in a buggy, and meet new NPCs. You can see a list of features that the mod team is working on here.

"The earth has been alone in this galaxy since the very moment it was formed, but far far away in another galaxy, there was intelligent life peering at the people of earth for a millennium," modder Sollaholla wrote. "This life was not the friendly life we would like to believe. The NASA research team have found remnants of alien spaceship parts scattered around the state of San Andreas. We never thought that these intelligent life-forms would ever reach our planet; but they're coming and they're not on our side. It's your mission to take out these alien scum before they reach earth."

There's no set official release date for the mod yet; the modders say that it'll launch "when we think it's ready," Sollaholla said.

In other GTA V news, publisher Take Two has made controversial decisions regarding multiplayer mods, choosing to shut down the popular Open IV modding tool. Developer Rockstar intervened on its behalf, successfully allowing development on the tool to continue as long as it focuses on single-player mods. In addition, the game continues to sell extremely well even four years after release. In addition, it recently received a content update from developer Rockstar, which you can read about here.

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That is incredible.... it just seems at some point you would just want to make your own stand alone game and get the true credit you deserve.

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This is impressive! Looks like they were doing an Interstellar style warp at the end.

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this should be GTA6

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Is that Barack Obama?

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Where no mod has gone before...

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Holy s***!!!