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Awesome Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Shows Tifa, Aerith, Ifrit In Action

Cloud brings out the big guns by summoning Ifrit into battle.


During its Tokyo Game Show 2019 stream, Square Enix showed off more gameplay from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. While the majority of the demo was the same as what was shown during E3 2019, the company did surprise viewers by providing a showcase of Aerith, Tifa, and Cloud battling a boss enemy.

The gameplay was narrated by Yoshinori Kitase, who served as the director of the PlayStation original and is producer on the remake. Although the explanation was entirely in Japanese, the gameplay allowed fans to glean some new details. The boss in question is Aps, who is encountered in the Midgar Sewers.

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Aerith, who traditionally occupies the magic-user/healer role in Final Fantasy VII's parties, is shown bolstering the magical abilities of her teammates. In the gameplay, she puts down a magical field which Tifa enters. Once inside the field, Tifa is shown executing a series of Thunder strikes consecutively.

Tifa, meanwhile, is still the bruiser, throwing herself at the enemy and delivering brutal rushes of punches and kicks. She still packs a punch and during the gameplay executes some really flashy special combos. At one point a Limit Break move was used and she executed an impressive somersault kick.

Perhaps the most exciting reveal was Ifrit, who was summoned into battle through a Materia slotted into Cloud's Buster Sword. Ifrit operate independently, while the player continues to control the three party members. However, the summoned monster seemed to follow Cloud's lead, attacking by launching himself into the enemy and breathing fire on it when Cloud was on the offense, but backing away when his summoner did. Ifrit could also be commanded to use special abilities such as Flare Burst, which summoned hellfire to damage Aps.

Before leaving the battlefield, Ifrit summons a swirling cyclone of flames that wrapped up the enemy and, ultimately, dealt the killing blow. It was a flashy, cinematic move that looked very cool.

During the presentation Kitase also showed off the new squatting mini-game, which has been fleshed out quite significantly. While the classic Final Fantasy VII version was a fairly simply experience, the remade version has a rhythm game element to it where buttons are pressed in specific timing to ensure the character maintains balance.

The PlayStation TGS stream is ongoing and, at the time of writing, the footage hasn't been released online through official channels. However, you can watch fan captures like the one above.

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