Avenging Deer Stake Claim in the DC

PC game publisher Simon & Schuster Interactive breaks into console market with its spoofish Deer Avenger series.


Last year, Simon & Schuster Interactive announced its intention to break into the console market, and now the company is announcing some of its upcoming titles. GameSpot News spoke with Jeff Siegel, vice president and creative director for Simon & Schuster Interactive, about the company's plan for the coming year and why the aggressive move to consoles now.

"We decided now was the time to get in because our strengths matched the current console marketplace," said Siegel. "Let me explain: We have strong kids', girls' and casual gamer titles. These categories were not strong on the consoles until recently. Now is our time to jump in."

And jump in is exactly what S&S is doing, by introducing Hypnotix Inc.'s PC Deer Avenger series to the Sega Dreamcast. The game lets you take on the role of the deer, exacting revenge on hunters of various human types in different locations - indeed in the form of a parody of Wizard Works' PC Deer Hunter series. The upcoming Dreamcast version of Deer Avenger won't be a port of previous titles, but rather a somewhat changed version of Deer Avenger 3 for the PC. There will be new weapons and a few other extras, according to Siegel. Deer Avenger 3 will be available on the PC and the Dreamcast this fall.

Deer Avenger for the PlayStation is a consideration for S&S too, but as SCEA rejected the Deer Hunter series for the PlayStation, Deer Avenger is falling into the same blacklisted category in not earning SCEA approval for the system. "I am hoping Sony has a change of heart at some time because I think their audience would love the Deer Avenger product and humor. For now, though it's another reason to invest in a Dreamcast," said Siegel.

As far as future console plans are concerned, "We are releasing a Sabrina: The Teenage Witch on the PlayStation this fall," said Siegel. "Also, this year we are releasing M&M's MINIs Madness for the Game Boy, as well as a Sabrina Game Boy title. In 2001, we plan on releasing a PlayStation title and a PlayStation2 game, neither of which has yet to be officially approved by Sony, so I'm not at liberty to mention the titles. As well, we have Dreamcast plans."

We'll have more on Deer Avenger 3 and the coming PlayStation titles soon.

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