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Avengers Game Reveal At E3 2019: Social Media Was Not Kind To Square Enix's Reveal

A lot of people don't like these character designs.

The long-awaited first look at the forthcoming Avengers game, titled Marvel's Avengers, finally came at Square Enix's E3 2019 Press Conference. The company saved the reveal for the end of its press conference, but it probably didn't get the kind of overwhelmingly positive reaction from the internet that it might have liked. While it stars the core Avengers team from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it doesn't feature the likenesses of the actors who fans have grown accustomed to over the last ten years. That, unfortunately, likely resulted in the character designs getting dragged on social media.

The Avengers reveal finally showed something of the game that's being worked on by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. Despite an extended look at Avengers, things are still pretty cryptic: though it seems to be a third-person action game, it's not especially clear how it plays. (Since the debut, we got to play Avengers but were still left with questions.) We do know that it's an original Avengers story (the same way Insomniac's recent game, Marvel's Spider-Man, was divorced from existing storylines). And it seems that Captain America buys it early in the game, with the story picking up five years later after they disband in response to taking the blame for destroying a big part of San Francisco.

There was plenty of news included in the presentation, including an upcoming Avengers beta coming to PS4 first and its release date. While the action is cinematic in the game's trailer and Square Enix's announcement included details like cooperative gameplay, free post-release DLC, and an all-star voice cast that includes Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, Nolan North, Travis Willingham, and Jeff Schine, it was the character designs that captured imaginations, and not in a good way.

It's not just that the MCU actors' likenesses weren't used--although that was part of the reaction. Captain America's riot officer body armor and Thor's weird headlight shirt were among the issues many seemed to take with the designs. There were also plenty of people wondering where Hawkeye is. You can check out some of the meanest (or funniest) reactions below.

We've got plenty more E3 2019 coverage throughout the show, including rundowns of all the news out of the Square Enix press conference, and all the other press conferences, too--be sure to check back throughout the week for news, previews, and impressions from gaming's biggest show. Among other things, we got a fresh look at another Marvel game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which is coming to Switch in July. A new trailer showcased its characters and we learned about some of the teams coming as DLC.

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Phil Hornshaw

GameSpot editor in Los Angeles, and the co-author of So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Time Travel and The Space Hero’s Guide to Glory. Hoped the latter would help me get Han Solo hair, but so far, unsuccessful.
Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers

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Avatar image for Elranzer

They all look old and fat, and Black Window looks like a trans.

Avatar image for id0ntkn0w7

They made a middling decision. They imitated the likenesses of the actors, then diverged from those likenesses with a frat boy look. They should've stuck with their likenesses or never tried to imitate them. The result is mediocrity epitomized, which wouldn't matter ultimately if it didn't appear to be an on-rails melee button masher, but it appears to be an on-rails melee button masher. Looks like if the franchise is huge, they aren't allowed to make something brilliant. Gotta Battlefront it up for the lobotomized masses (will Gamespot ban me for insulting "the masses?"). Clearly this is the darkest timeline

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

People on Twitter are upset about something? Noooo, it can't be!

Avatar image for ChrisAnetkaC

What's the point? Whom will those guys pick on anyways since by now all the bad guys are dead? Push around single mothers for jaywalking most likely.

Avatar image for id0ntkn0w7

@ChrisAnetkaC: sounds like you've never read any Marvel comics. There are plenty of bad guys

Avatar image for goingpewpew

Yeah so let's say they got the character likeness and voices. Do you really think all of them are good voice actors? That they wouldn't do it as an easy cash grab?

Does anybody remember Peter Dinklage in Destiny? People were so hyped that Tyrion is gonna be voicing the ghost. As soon as the game came out people were pissed.

Let them do their game and let us judge the gameplay and story, not if the characters look enough like the actors that play them. And there was a really good clip on youtube, where the actors playing in Avengers were asked stuff about the movies. A lot of them had no idea what the story was or anything. Especially Scarlett...

Avatar image for tlpina

I don't get it. It's a superhero game. It's nearly impossible to make it good for everyone.

Example: People loved the Batman games. Those same games bored me to death. I got the trilogy for free and gifted it the son of a friend.

Spiderman, was fun for 15 minutes. then it became another assassins creed, meaning... The same thing over and over again. But I have a friend from work that loves it.

I won't even bother with this Avengers Game, because i have a history of disliking games like this, but i am pretty sure it will sell well, because there;s a whole lot of players that love this kind of game.

In other words, who cares what the internet says... If you like it, buy it and F*** everyone else.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@tlpina: superheroes shouldnt be that hard. millions and millions of people love spidey, hulk, marvel movies etc exactly because this marvel branch simply works, most of the time

its not really a stretch to think millions and millions of people hoped the game would kick ass. it still kind of could but based on how square advertised it as huge project involving all their star studios made it seem messianic. right now to me it just looks like ultimate alliance 2. ok game that i played twice. but considering what happened with tomb raider 3 it shouldnt be a surprise theres some problem

yes in the end these are just video games so who gives a shit. but social media loses its purpose if youre really supposed to have opinions only about world breaking issues

Avatar image for killrave

I don't get it. Why does Marvel's Spider Man get a pass, but Marvel's Avengers gets all the flack regarding how the characters look like? Makes no sense to me.

Avatar image for Dark_sageX

@killrave: Because its not a PS4 exclusive.

Avatar image for p1p3dream

@killrave: My guess is that spider man has a history of featuring different actors and different looks. I think it's something the audience has more or less accepted. But audiences have been living with the same avengers characters for what.. a decade? There is a really long history there, so I could understand why people are so jarred by seeing different faces on the characters.

Avatar image for nazzmanwtf

Yeah there were 20 Goku's in different games. Some were called Final Fantasy VII REMASTERED and some Octopath Traveler. When there is something wrong with the only good game that came out from Square Enix, that showed some actual talent and work. Interent goes crazy "whooooo that's not my Scarlett Johansson, or my Chris Evans" Respect new games in this time and age and try to lose your nostalgia for game that were great and still are. It's just they don't need to cost 100e (50 for the original and 50 for the REMASTERED). Would you pay 50e for a mod or 2, on Fallout3?

Avatar image for slimcoder

@nazzmanwtf: "Actual talent and work"? It was just another primarily CG trailer showing only bare snippets of gameplay.

I'll start singing praises once I see some gameplay, not pretty graphics.

Avatar image for maustin5

i can't wait to play as Nathan Drake in an iron man suit.

Avatar image for siarhei

So this game is basically Anthem: Avengers edition?

Avatar image for willowvale75

That was my least issue lol. They lost me at LIVE SERVICE, content for years, etc etc. Another game ruined by money, greed and corporate crap. Missed opportunity for an awesome single player experience. So, passing.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@willowvale75: Truthfully Marvel has always been tied down by limits. With good system they could have just kept going with original Ultimate Alliance and add everyone from Thanos to Dormammu to Doc Ock like that. Like a new comic issue each week. This week go raid the streets of NY as your fav team to fight Doc Ock and then unlock him. Next week go to Asteroid M and challenge Juggernaut...

But most fail with live service out of the gate. Marvel Heroes could have been cool but ended up being a grindy microtransaction fest that had its plug pulled too early

But I still wish there would be an actual Marvel game (or DC game, or something) that tries to mimic the comic book issue schedule and release a new chapter every week, in game form.

Avatar image for RaveNRolla

this was hardly relevant enough for me to comment. but i'm a nice guy with firm belief in the human race. so i comment nonetheless.

Avatar image for ChrisAnetkaC

@RaveNRolla: Where do you get all that optimism from? And nice guys finish last btw.

Avatar image for Ish_basic

be worried if the comic fans said nothing. But making them all happy is just impossible and twitter is people looking for back pats. People didn't like Hugh Jackman because he was too tall, and I agree - I've always said they should have cast Danny DeVito.

Fine with it. Can't wait to see the reaction when the costume shop is revealed.

I'm hoping they'll add some X-men to the least the X-men who were also Avengers at one point..lot of those.

Avatar image for Sepewrath

I'm less concerned about the character design and more concerned about how the previews sound and their reluctance to show gameplay.

Avatar image for if_master_1

I think people's main problem with the design is that it doesn't do either right. They don't look like the MCU, that's great, but they DEFINITELY don't look like their comics versions. It's like they're stuck in between.... or at least not the comics. Captain's suit is specially horrid. they look like budget Avengers rip offs, and Ant Man looked pretty bad. Also, I wished they included more than the MCU cast: Wanda? Hercules? Black Knight? Ms. Marvel? Wonder Man? She Hulk? At the end of the day they say it's a separate story but they're still just promoting the MCU without the actors.

This is why people are starting to prefer MU3, the story may be the infinity gauntlet but the costume design is closer to the comics; specially captain America.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@if_master_1: well truthfully in mua3 they will be stuck with the small areas and max 10 cookiecutter moves per character. theres a ton more potential than that

but i dont believe this game will be that megathing either. simply because having properly sonicflying iron man coupled with cap would mean one player is forced to carry the other everywhere

its like how arkham games are stunning. but if you allowed coop with superman the gameplay would be broken for one of the characters. either superman is way too op or hes completely stupid and wasted

iron man 2 game was quite weak in terms of what iron man can do but he still flew at super speeds while shooting half a dozen weapon types and brawling. slapping cap or widow there wouldnt have worked

im looking for more but i kind of wish they just had iron man and thor. have a good buddy roadtrip thing where both fly and fight through tons of comic familiar terrain. storywise also it could have been a bit fresh atleast having their constant banter. just maybe cap marvel for girl power and maybe hulk could be a strategic ally while staying relevant if the game wants 4 player multi.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

This is why the movies crack me up more than anything else. I would prefer the characters in games look like they would in the comic books.

Avatar image for consolehaven

I don’t care that the character models look nothing like their movie counterparts. I’m in. Likeness and voice would have cost an absolute fortune and it would have been worst if they only got the likeness of the characters.

Avatar image for soarlozer

Dont ignore the fact that it is the MCU version of avengers. It rightfully should be compared to the MCU by old fans and new fans. They want their cake and eat it too but it back fired.

Lets make a marvel game but not use the actors because their contracts expired, lets still use the MCU characters because this is what the masses are used to seeing.

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

How can you be happy for something that has no gameplay?

Avatar image for viniterra

Yes they are trying to mimic the MCU likeness, but stopped in the middle of the process, ending in this cheap cosplay characters lookalike.

Does anyone that states the franchise exists way before MCU to cut any relation really believe this game would see the light of day if the MCU movies did not exist?

Avatar image for owizeisme1

I tried to warn people. DONT let the same people who made tomb raider games anywhere near a marvel game. Tomb Raider games are boring puzzle puzzle puzzle generic crap shoots.

Avatar image for good_coop89

@owizeisme1: What? The problem with the new Tomb Raiders is that there's not enough puzzles, and the ones there are, are too simple. But I'd still rather play any Tomb Raider than anything even remotely related to Marvel. I would be very, very surprised if this Avengers game was full of puzzles. Simplistic repetitive beat em up, most likely (though in fairness, I don't know for sure yet).

Avatar image for Infinity_Gauntl

This game looks terrible. I don't care if they look like the actors in the movies. Spiderman and Batman AK was amazing but this just looks like low budget trash.

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

Legitimate complaint. Arkham (still the benchmark) took inspiration from comics, movies and tv shows but was still very much it's own self-contained entity. The recent Spiderman took the same route, learning lessons from Rockstreadys titles.

And here we are, with a low rent straight to video looking version of the movies. It has no identity, just an inferior doppelganger


Avatar image for xshinobi

I really don't get the issue that people are having with this reveal. I think that what they presented in the trailer actually looks pretty good (graphics and character design wise). It honestly looks on par with Marvel's Spider Man game from last year.

Avatar image for Jaxith

It makes me sad that we live in a world where people care more about the actor's faces than the characters they're trying to portray.

Avatar image for streamline

@Jaxith: What do you expect when they don’t give us any glimpses of their backsides? :D

Avatar image for jeepguy16

I really don't understand. I generally am the first to have stuff to complain about when it comes to most games but honestly, I just don't get the issue.

I think it looks great. I think the voice acting is perfect, particularly Troy Baker and Nolan North.

I actually was EXTREMELY happy they didn't just try to mimic the MCU. It would have be terrible because they never would have pulled it off.

Also, the scene between Stark and Banner talking about how the failed him... That gave me a lot of hope for the story and the voice acting. That scene felt real in a way most games can't manage.

I think most are just used to the MCU and that isn't a realistic expectation. Again, I am really glad they didn't go that way because they would have had to hire actors to mimic their voices and it would have been BAD. Also, Robert Downey Jr is not Iron Man. As much as the first Iron Man is by far my favorite MCU movie, he is an actor playing Iron Man. The character existed before him. It will exist after him.

From what I have seen so far, looks like something I will be picking up next year.

Avatar image for 02050muh

@jeepguy16: people complained that they didnt look like actors in MCU. that's not the point because this game doesn't have any relation with the MCU.

The only issue for me is it doesn't look fluid or on the same par with last year's Spider-Man. movement feels clunky and unable to capture unique character's movements like IronMan flight movement. I guess this game gonna flop big time

Avatar image for Arthas045

Just a site trying to drum up shit....

Avatar image for hanzoblade1

The issue is that we are too intoxicated with the MCU look, this game is not related to the MCU in any way.

Avatar image for UrbanMessiah

They could've probably avoided all of this by not trying to look like the MCU versions and gone for a more comic book like look. I don't really see anyone complaining about the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game. Also, some actual gameplay might've given people something else to talk about...🤐

Avatar image for P00DGE

Movies made into video games are not good. Were people expecting (wanting even?) a game that lets you play moments from the movies?

This should be its own thing, entirely separate from the MCU.

My gripe is that it might actually be TOO much like the movies. Give us more Marvel characters than the damn original team from the first movie...

Avatar image for bobbobbley

Nerd rage in outrage culture - what else is new? Obviously they're not going to use the actors' likeness as that would balloon the budget. Cry babies...

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold


I think (most) people would be just fine with not using the exact actors' likenesses if the characters themselves looked remotely decent. They really don't.

Cap looks like he ate the guy wearing the hockey pads imitating Batman in The Dark Knight.

Avatar image for musky69

Yeah the character design looks like Dollar Store rip-offs

Avatar image for balugha

The weird thing is they all look very similar.. M facial structure is t's very similar like they're all siblings

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

People are being unrealistic and expect them to hire the movie actors. Although they could of done a better job by making them different from the movie universe.

Avatar image for musicman65000

@gamingdevil800: I wasn't really looking for the exact likeness of all of the characters, but maybe something similar to the essence of how they played the Avengers. Their faces just look very generic and there voices don't match the characters.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@musicman65000: Any "essence" could be grounds for a lawsuit. In fact they had to divert greatly to avoid such a situation.

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