Avengers' First DLC Character Is A Hawkeye, But Not Clint Barton

Both Hawkeye personas are coming eventually, but Kate Bishop will hit the game first according to the most recent War Table stream.


Marvel's Avengers will introduce lots of characters from the deep bench of Marvel canon. Developer Crystal Dynamics previously announced that Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, is coming, leading us to believe he'll be the first DLC character. But it turns out another Hawkeye will beat him to the punch.

As announced on the most recent Avengers: War Table stream, Kate Bishop will be the first post-launch character to join the Avengers roster. Marvel fans will recognize Bishop as another character who has taken the Hawkeye hero identity aside from Clint Barton, so of course she has his level of marksmanship expertise.

Bishop will be added as a Substation Zero event, one of the pieces of expanded content available through the Avengers Initiative menu. Her story event, called Taking Aim, will hit in late October, and the announcement says it's the first half of a story arc that will conclude in November with the appearance of Clint.

Based on leaks, fans had speculated that the War Table would show the first raid, said to take place in Wakanda, the fictional African kingdom setting of Black Panther. But a message at the beginning of the presentation noted that the studio had altered its plans due to the death of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman. The next presentation will cover a post-launch roadmap, so we may see more details on a raid then.

Early access for Avengers has already begun, so fans are digging into the campaign content and the existing roster of heroes. For more details check out our Marvel's Avengers pre-order guide.

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