Avengers: Endgame's Version Of Hulk Has A New Look, As Costumes Revealed

Lookin' good, Hulk.

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An unexpected source has delivered us a look at what kind of outfits we can expect in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. A promotion for Orville Redenbacher popcorn has given us our first glimpse at the costumes worn by the heroes in Marvel's big upcoming Infinity War sequel. The image shows the looks for Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye--or as he's expected to be known, Ronin.

Ronin aside, the photo (via ComicBook) shows the heroes largely returning to their roots. Thor, Cap, and Iron Man all don pretty traditional looks. Iron Man's suit is much more polished and spiffy than the wreckage we've seen in trailers so far, and Cap is back to the clean-cut star-spangled man after his darker, bearded appearance in Infinity War (RIP). Black Widow is wearing a sleek black jumpsuit, and her hair has returned to its fiery red.

Hulk is the biggest departure from the norm, wearing a jumpsuit of his own that appears perfectly fitted to his massive frame. It's sparked speculation that this could indicate the appearance of Professor Hulk, a character from the comics that blends elements of Bruce Banner and Hulk. (Or maybe he just wanted to change up his look.)

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The official synopsis suggests that the heroes will attempt to "undo Thanos' actions and restore order to the universe once and for all, no matter what consequences may be in store." We expected as much, given that Marvel has already begun teasing movies starring characters that are ostensibly deceased like Spider-Man. How exactly they'll do this, and who won't live through it, remains to be seen.

The first trailer for Avengers: Endgame suggested that Ant-Man could be instrumental to the plan, given Steve Rogers' surprise at seeing Scott Lang appear on his doorstep. It seems that the Avengers presumed he was deceased, when a post-credits scene for Ant-Man and the Wasp revealed he was in the quantum realm during Thanos' genocidal finger-snap.

Before Endgame hits, though, Marvel has one more hero to introduce. Captain Marvel is coming on March 8, and the post-credits sequence of Infinity War implies that Nick Fury thinks of her as his trump card. As for Endgame itself, it appears likely to be longer than any other Marvel movie to date--which makes sense given that it's the culmination of a decade of this connected universe. Check out our breakdown of the Super Bowl trailer for more.

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Avatar image for datameister

One of the reasons Hulk didn't want to come out on Earth was because he felt like the people of Earth hated him (since he basically destroyed stuff each time he came around). A new costume might be a way for Hulk to try again and show Earth how much he has grown up and is now part of the team.

Avatar image for BC_Animus

For those complaining about Hulk btw, hey, at least it's not The Totally Awesome Hulk...

Avatar image for BC_Animus

Steve's hand shaking might have something to do with the super soldier serum wearing off, which might explain why he needs a shield again. Or, an idea I have is that they are gathering infinity stones from other dimensions/realities, trying to get their own infinity gaunlet to combat Thanos and fix their world - this might explain why some of the characters seem different, and, might allow them to bring in/back snapped or dead characters, or some variant of.

Avatar image for Chaloner11

Stick to Tradition for God's sakes! Totally ugly Hulk...

Avatar image for megagood2345

Wow, that is a really intern-level Photoshop job.

Avatar image for Archangel2222

caps was awesome as nomad caps. too bad it lasted 1 movie in the movie he had hardly a role in or lines

Avatar image for dzimm

It's a given that this movie will feature a big, giant reset switch. The only question is if they can do it in an interesting way.

Avatar image for roger_tyler


Avatar image for dzimm

@roger_tyler: You can get browser extensions that stop videos from autoplaying. It's almost as indispensable as ad blockers and privacy utilities these days.

Avatar image for chillingnaire

almost as gay as captain americas avengers 1 suit

Avatar image for howlingfantod

Hmmm. This is the original Avengers lineup, too, isn't it? I think the 'classic' look is intentional, kind of a back-to-their-roots feel. I think it's noteable that Captain America has his Avengers outfit back on, including the A logo on his right shoulder. Since he was on-the-run last time we saw him, perhaps this is an indication that he's back in the fold, that perhaps the government has (rightfully) shifted their focus from arresting their former heroes to stopping Thanos, even if that means giving Steve Rogers and crew a pass.

Avatar image for caoengel

code name rono

in means hawkeye family died in the snap DAH

Avatar image for mrbojangles25

Nitpicking, but Hulk's face looks too lean. Liked it better when he had a blockier face, more of a Strong Man Competition face than a body-builder face.

Avatar image for SaberStrike

Anyone else think the Hulk looks different? Is this their version of Professor Hulk?

Avatar image for bingoh

@SaberStrike: I'd love to see a version of Professor Hulk in the MCU...the Peter David/Gary Frank "Professor" Hulk run on Incredible Hulk was a high-point for the character (and, perhaps my favorite iteration of the Hulk).

Avatar image for howlingfantod

@SaberStrike: He has a different haircut. Again. His hair looked more styled in Thor: Ragnarok than the previous Avenger incarnations. Now, it looks like it has grown out a tad and is slicked back along the sides of the head.

Avatar image for wicked_laugh

@SaberStrike: The face def looks like Ruffalo, but the outfit and physique actually looks like Totally Awesome Hulk (Amadeus' 'Hulk').

Avatar image for stage4saiyan

@SaberStrike: Looks less caveman-y and more like Ruffalo. I assume Ruffalo has complete control of him now.

Avatar image for mrbojangles25

@stage4saiyan: Yeah, caveman-y, that's the word I was looking for.