Avengers: Endgame Sets Box Office Record With $1.2 Billion Worldwide Opening

A very good start.


As expected, Marvel's Avengers: Endgame is a massive, record-breaking success at the box office. But its success is even greater than many expected, demolishing those existing records with new ones that could reshape what's thought possible from a movie in 2019. Endgame made $1.2 billion worldwide after just five days, which is by far the biggest global opening for any movie in the history of cinema.

Endgame grossed $350 million in the US/Canada for its opening frame, which is a new domestic record. It's also the first movie to ever make more than $300 million in its opening weekend in the US and Canada. Endgame also holds the domestic box office records for fastest to $100 million (17 hours), as well as biggest single day, biggest Saturday, and biggest Sunday in the history of movies. It's also the most widely screened film in US/Canada history, showing at 4,662 theatres.

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The previous biggest US/Canada opening weekend box office record-holder was Avengers: Infinity War ($257.7 million).

In terms of Endgame's international release, it set the record for biggest opening weekend in history, coming in at $859 million and surpassing Infinity War's $443 million from last year. This includes China, where Endgame made $330.5 million over its opening weekend to set a new all-time record for biggest opening. Endgame also set various box office records in countries all over the world.

Deadline has a full breakdown of Endgame's box office results.

Given Endgame's strong start, it'll be interesting to see where the movie finishes when it ends its theatrical run. James Cameron's Avatar holds the all-time global box office record with $2.78 billion. After just one weekend, Endgame is already the 18th biggest box office success in history, but it still has much work to do to climb the ladder. Infinity War ended its theatrical run with $2.048 billion.

All of these box office numbers come from Box Office Mojo.

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