Avengers: Endgame Now #2 Movie All-Time, Beating Titanic; Trails Only Avatar

The Marvel superhero movie continues to break box office records.

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Avengers: Endgame will face its first serious box office competition this weekend, with Detective Pikachu arriving in theaters. The movie reportedly opened with $5.7 million at the box office on Thursday night in the US, where it carries a PG rating. That take is on par with the Thursday night opening of Shazam earlier this year. Meanwhile, James Cameron congratulated Marvel and Kevin Feige on topping Titanic with a playful post on Twitter.

Marvel Studios routinely performs exceptionally well at the box office, setting various records with seemingly every new release. That has only continued with its latest movie, Avengers: Endgame, which is moving fast and breaking some significant records. After a second weekend at No. 1, the superhero movie has now made $2.227 billion worldwide after just 13 days. Few movies have ever topped the $2 billion mark--and as of now, only one movie has ever made more money than this final Avengers outing.

Over its second weekend of release, Endgame passed James Cameron's Titanic ($2.187 billion), which was released in 1997, to become the No. 2 highest-grossing movie in history worldwide. It only trails another Cameron movie, 2009's Avatar, which has made $2.78 billion globally.

Endgame made a further $145.8 million in the United States and Canada this weekend and $282.2 million from international markets to reach the new heights, according to EW.

The continued success of Endgame is no surprise. It opened last weekend to a record $1.2 billion worldwide. It's made $2.187 billion now worldwide after just 11 days, a new record. We'll likely be getting new figures in the coming days, so we'll have to see how it performs in its third weekend. That could be telling in determining just how much further it will ultimately climb.

Endgame is now just the fifth movie to ever pass $2 billion worldwide. It joins Avengers: Infinity War ($2.048 billion), Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($2.068 billion), Titanic ($2.187 billion), and Avatar ($2.788 billion).

The movie needs to make around $580 million more to catch Avatar. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest on Endgame's box office performance.

With Endgame coming up on its two-week mark in theaters, Marvel and Sony have released the trailer for the next MCU movie: Spider-Man: Far From Home. This movie will mark the end of Phase 3, and it explicitly deals with some of the major developments from Endgame. As such, the trailer starts out with a spoiler warning where Tom Holland advises viewers to skip the trailer if they haven't yet seen Endgame. If you've seen the trailer, be sure to give our trailer breakdown a look.

Beyond Far From Home, Marvel has not explicitly confirmed any movies and release dates. However, Disney did share Phase 4 movie release dates as part of its latest earnings report--it just didn't attach any specific titles to those dates. We generally know many of the MCU Phase 4 shows and movies that are coming, and Disney suggested we'll get more insight into what's coming sometime this summer.

For lots more on Endgame, check out GameSpot's Avenger: Endgame hub. The movie may have paved the way for the X-Men to join the MCU, although Far From Home's trailer suggests another possibility. Whether that happens remains to be seen, but Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox means the X-Men and co. in the MCU is something we could see one day.

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Avatar image for Jago-Vs-Fulgore

This is proof of just how overrated Avatar was.. CRAZY!.. That Movie suxed

Avatar image for chubby170

@Jago-Vs-Fulgore: I would say the exact same about the Avengers movies..

Avatar image for Jago-Vs-Fulgore

@chubby170: only difference is you say the same about Infinity War and literally any and everyone would hilariously laugh at you. You'd be labeled a troll

Avatar image for chubby170

@Jago-Vs-Fulgore: Maybe. I dont like any of these movies. I really dont understand how people do. They are just so corny to me. Im not a fan of Avatar either but id take that over these any day haha.

Avatar image for BadJujuEA

Ticket prices have almost tripled since Titanic and close to doubled since the release of Avatar in 2009. Star Wars was around $2 Matinee at the time of it's release. Measure the Tickets sold would be a more accurate measurement, although still not perfect, but measuring Box Office rake is ludicrous.

If it were measured at the Turnstile, Endgame would not even be Top 5

Avatar image for pcps4xb

@BadJujuEA: good points. Was thinking the exact same thing.

Avatar image for BadJujuEA

@BadJujuEA: Adjusted for inflation, Endgame is #74 The list looks something like this:

1. Gone With the Wind (1939) ...

2. Star Wars (1977)

3. The Sound of Music (1965)

4. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

5. Titanic (1997)

6. The Ten Commandments (1956)

7. Jaws (1975)

8. Doctor Zhivago (1965)

9. THE EXORCIST (1973)



12. 101 DALMATIANS (1961)


14. BEN-HUR (1959)

15. AVATAR (2009)


17. JURASSIC PARK (1993)


19. THE LION KING (1994)

20. THE STING (1973)

74. Endgame

Avatar image for matman01

@BadJujuEA: According to BoxOfficeMojo.com, Endgame is currently 39th on the American domestic adjusted for inflation list (which is what your list is based on). It would have to do better than $1.83 billion domestic to get to the 1st position slot on that list - I don't think that will happen.

Adjusting for inflation is a crude basis for comparing box office historically though as it does not account for other factors such as the general decline in cinema audience numbers, the decrease in theatre numbers, the increase in number of competing films on release at any given time and the competition from other entertainment media.

Avatar image for BadJujuEA

@matman01: My list was pulled from Box Office Mojo May 5th tally. Adjusting to inflation is still crude but closer to reality than equaling a 2009, 1998, or 1978 Dollar to the 2019 Dollar and declaring a Movie an All-Time Box Office Record Breaker. But agreed on all points.

Avatar image for mpl911

@BadJujuEA: Apparently the average cinema ticket price in 1998 when Titanic came out in the UK was $4.03...the average last year was £7.22 (and depending on where you went it would be a lot more than that too), which is a 79% increase (at least).

So if Titanic made $2.187bln in 1998 (to be fair I'm sure it made a fair bit of that since that year), that amount would be worth more than $3.9bln today.

Avatar image for snakeyes646

@BadJujuEA: Ticket prices have not tripled here in the uk, years ago i paid £6 to watch MI:2 and i paid just £7.80 to watch endgame, no discounts.

Avatar image for brijo00

@BadJujuEA: You know what else has tripled? The price of concessions. That's what they should be really be measuring, which movie made more money in concessions.

Avatar image for Slash_out

Why is every single news about end game showing Brie Larson in the thumbnail? Is she the lead? Is she even an important character in the movie?

Come on, stop insulting the cast and show the main cast of the fucking movie you are covering!

Avatar image for brijo00

@Slash_out: because they RESPEK WAHMEN!

Avatar image for jimmarko21876

Stupid to compare sales at the box office numbers without accounting for inflation anyways. 2 billion when Titanic came out is probably close to 3 billion or more now accounting for inflation

Avatar image for mpl911

@jimmarko21876: Absolutely right. Plus - I mean, inflation moves pretty slowly compared to the increase in cinema ticket prices.

Apparently the average cinema ticket price in 1998 in the UK was $4.03...the average last year was £7.22 (and depending on where you went it would be a lot more than that too), which is a 79% increase.

So if Titanic made its $2.187bln in 1998 (to be fair I'm sure it made a fair bit of that since that year), that amount would be worth more than $3.9bln today.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@jimmarko21876: True, Avatar stands at 3.5 billion with inflation.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

It won't beat Avatar. Too much competition from this week on. Detective Pikachu is gonna be huge.

Avatar image for dr_derogatory

@Bread_or_Decide: I think it definitely takes Avatar if not accounting for inflation. What I think is lost on most people is that Endgame is the culmination of 21 previous movies (audience investiture) whereas Avatar was completely out of left field with no history and made money just hand over fist. Endgame's total run will be extremely impressive, but I still consider Avatar the larger success given that it was a completely unknown commodity.

That said, you're right that Detective Pikachu is gonna be huge.

Avatar image for cejay0813

@Bread_or_Decide: Guaranteed... it will beat Avatar. Doesn't mean Pokemon isn't a big deal, but its almost destiny. Endgame still has weeks to go in theatres and there will be people who watch it multiple times on top of the people who are just checking it out late.

Again, $2B in less than 2 weeks... that's unheard of.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@cejay0813: We will see. Films die in the summer very quickly. In just 2-3 weeks they make almost all of their total gross. And this repeat viewing for end game, I don't see that happening. It's too long, too dreary, and kind of a bummer of an ending. I'm not exactly in a rush to re-experience that, or the time travel nonsense. Already got my detective pikachu tickets, on to other things, as is the way with summer films.

Avatar image for cage_92

Anybody else think that the last scene where Thanos had the jewel/glove on for a moment and suddenly Iron man just happens to touch Thanos glove and boom Iron man has the jewels ?

Yeah that was a load of BS. Thanos should have won hands down.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@cage_92: It's Tony's glove, which is similar to his suit, so he could swipe the stones from one to the other. That was my thinking.

Avatar image for che5ter666

@Bread_or_Decide: exactly my thinking as well. He developed the glove, its only natural thinking that he had a way to transfer the stones from glove to glove if need be.

Avatar image for Gallesh

@che5ter666: still bs..

Avatar image for Tekarukite

@Gallesh: well if you already buy that Black Panther's suit and Iron Man's suit are made up of nanomachines that can hide inside jewelry... and further believe that at will, Iron Man's nano technology can create additional boosters, additional cannons, shields, and anything else Iron Man needs...

How hard is it to believe that the same nanomachines can't migrate some Infinity stones around by themselves?

not BS...

Avatar image for rolento25

Trash sells.

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

I'll never understand how Titanic and Avatar of all things have been the top 2 for so long. I didn't care for Avatar and I can't stand Titanic. Well, the opening and the ending of Titanic are cool lol it's the middle that I don't like.

Avatar image for che5ter666

@skyhighgam3r: I'm also pretty sure that Avatar had two theatrical releases, and that it was the first movie to showcase mind blowing 3D and IMAX capabilities. The movie itself (story) was nothing to write home about.

Avatar image for cejay0813

@che5ter666: Exactly what it was. For the time, it was a technical marvel. As a movie, it was fairly cookie cutter

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@skyhighgam3r: Four quadrant appeal, three months of box office all to yourself, and James Cameron knows how to make his movies universal. Heck, Avatar practically opened Hollywood's eyes to the idea that world wide box office could be bigger than just the box office in the USA.

Avatar image for chippiez

@skyhighgam3r: You are probably too young to remember but Titanic achieved that success largely due to repeat ticket sales. The teenage girl demographic set that one on fire, returning to see it 10-20 times because they loved Leo.

Avatar image for mpl911

@chippiez: Agreed. It was almost like a play where people (mainly girls as you said) would go back 4 or 5 times each...and convince their husbands / bf's that it would be in their interests to go with them.

Avatar image for mrdinghat

I'm guessing this is why we see so many superhero movies these days if they're that popular.

Avatar image for datriax

Stupidity is alive and well in the world. Simply staggering, how stories meant for toddlers, are the prime money making machines of the modern era.

Avatar image for deactivated-5cd02a489fc38


I would argue that mainstream society perceives video games as an indulgence of children far more than comic book movies. Even worse, not just children but losers, immature man-children, and the lazy/employed. Hell, even in the movie itself, theres a scene where one of our heroes has become one of these "losers" and is holed up in his apartment for years playing fortnite. And yet movies take up a two hours, once or twice a month, whereas games can consume dozens upon dozens. Though I'm sure you will defend video games to your grave, but super hero movies are for tasteless toddlers, right?

Avatar image for good_coop89

@deactivated-5cd02a489fc38: To be fair, I'm sure he/she is quite aware of the stereotypical vision of the "mainstream society" perception of video games and their players. Comparing one genre of movie to the entire medium of games is missing the point though.

Avatar image for phili878

@datriax: 100% agree. Terminator 1 battle scene (T2 as well) cannot be beaten to this day, let alone the acting and setting, and man, we're talking about the 80s. Now more movies, Predator, Alien triology, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, etc, etc, man those were actual movies. Not wanting to grab to nostalgia, but today's CGI crap movies are overrated at best. And people do not go watch it because they have a good taste, they go watch it because all others went watching, and because people are horny for this CGI crap and today's horrible actors, of course they will all love it. I would not go as far as call people that watch it stupid tho. They are just driven by consumerism, likes/social media pressure, etc, and it is being thrown at us on a second-basis, wherever we go these days, some can withstand it more than others. Just came here to tell you I 100% agree with you but don't call other people stupid.

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

@datriax: That's as incredibly stupid as saying video games are for kids. derp-derp

Avatar image for phili878

@skyhighgam3r: OP is right, this movie is garbage. In the 80s you had Terminator, Predator, movies like that. Action movies but damn good movies. Then Alien, etc. The "....it's Game over man, game over!!!" Dropship part, such one-liners never forgotten. And what do we have now? Shit movies 95% made on a computer and the masses love it. Good thing there's HBO and Netflix still producing some good series and on rare occasion good movies, but today's movie watcher has incredibly low standards and a high attraction for CGI, which is just sad. Video-games you have all genres, from Chess to the BF/CoD simpleton shooter, it is known these days and even recommended that certain games help with certain conditions. Bad comparison, I'd agree with you in this regard in the late 90s early 00s tho.

Avatar image for aross2004

@datriax: Oh look, you don't like things that other people like! You're so edgy and cool!

Can I touch you?

News flash coolbreeze, it's just a freaking movie. As screwed up as the world is nowadays, you're gonna hate on people for enjoying some good old fashioned escapism?

Get over yourself.

Avatar image for phili878

@aross2004: Except for the fact he called others stupid I am glad people still have a taste for what is a good and a shit movie and OP is 100% right in this regard. Today's movie watcher has a low taste, and low standards. This movie was not acting, it was 95% CGI and the rest of the 5% was horrible acting. I am tired of the 1-facial-expression actors of today that can't actually act. So many good actors that are not chosen, just because Hollywood is too incompetent to find actual good replacement for the older generation. No wonder they need computers most the time these days.

Avatar image for aross2004

@phili878: Taste is subjective. Just because you think something is shit does not make it a fact.

I'm still laughing over how you thought the acting in the Terminator movies was great. They may have had great action, but the "acting" was dripping with extra cheese, (and Schwarzenegger was the king of the "1 facial expression actors" that you claim to dislike).

And I know you didn't just try and say that Alien3 was great, did you?

But see, this is the awesome thing about personal taste. I may not agree with yours, and you may not agree with mine, but it doesn't make our opinions any less valid.

And anyone who shits on others for trying to have a little enjoyment with a movie is just lame.

Avatar image for phili878

@aross2004: Alien 1 and 2. THis avenger stuff doesnt even get anywhere close, same with Alien 3 btw which was the worst of the Alien movies.

Avatar image for Xero_Kaiser

@datriax: Plenty of people say the same thing about video games, and yet here you are.