Avengers: Endgame Appears Primed For Huge Opening Weekend

Hulk smash records.

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Earth's Mightiest Heroes are aiming to smash box office records later this month. Avengers: Endgame is reportedly on pace for an estimated debut of $200-250 million during its first weekend, which would make it the best debut of the year and one of only six films to top $200 million in its opening weekend.

Variety reports that the film's runtime, at just over three hours, could be one unexpected obstacle to its box office take. With such a long film, theater owners will need to squeeze fewer showtimes in per day. The current record for opening weekend in 2019 is held by fellow MCU movie Captain Marvel, at $153 million.

These estimates could be wrong. As Variety notes, initial box office estimates for Avengers: Infinity War pegged it at $180-225 million, but it blew those away by bringing in $257 million. That made it the largest opening weekend of all time, a record it still holds. Endgame is nearly matching that figure in estimates, so if it surpasses expectations it could very well become the new record holder. Infinity War also amassed a huge global box office launch, with $640 million worldwide without a launch in China. Endgame is aiming to top that partly by including China in its global launch plans.

The strong sales estimates are no surprise. Avengers: Endgame recently kicked off ticket sales, promptly leading to crashing ticketing sites, and Marvel movies as a whole are known for their financial success. The latest trailer was packed with new footage, and we broke down all the new details we spotted.

With the film only a few short weeks away, we're starting to get a clearer idea of what to expect from this final film in the Infinity Saga. We learned a lot from a lengthy piece of footage, and a new clip may have the most surprising development yet. Language!

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It's so big that experts estimate at least 1-3 mass shootings.
I'll be attending a Tuesday matinee, thank you very much.

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It will be the biggest opening to date. Easily.

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It will probably be bigger than Episode 9 tbh the previous movie for Avengers and Star Wars are like polar opposite in terms of building hype for the next movie.

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Whatever it takes.

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@TrueLink: here’s your upvote, you earned it.

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The current record for opening weekend within the last three months is held by fellow MCU movie Captain Marvel...' probably didn't sound as impressive. :3