Avengers Director Offers Support to Feminist Frequency Creator After Death Threats

Joss Whedon says Anita Sarkeesian, who was driven out of her home this week after facing a raft of abuse and death threats, is "just truth-telling."

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The Avengers director and Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon has spoken out in support of Feminist Frequency creator Anita Sarkeesian, who this week revealed that online abuse and death threats drove her to contact the police and leave her home.

Writing on Twitter, Whedon urged his followers to watch Sarkeesian's Tropes vs. Women In Video Games series, which examines gender cliches in the video game industry. "Even if you think you get it, the sheer tonnage makes misogyny seem newly appalling," Whedon said.

"I watched a bunch of women get sliced up in video games and now I'm watching it on my Twitter feed," he added. "[Anita Sarkeesian] is just truth-telling. Deal."

Since Sarkeesian's Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series debuted, she has faced a raft of criticism, but things got truly terrifying this week.

"Some very scary threats have just been made against me and my family," she wrote on Twitter. "Contacting authorities now." A follow-up tweet read: "I'm safe. Authorities have been notified. Staying with friends tonight. I'm not giving up. But this harassment of women in tech must stop!"

The most recent episode in the Tropes vs. Women In Video Games series, the second part of a program called called Women As Background Decoration, was published on Monday. The series was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2012.

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I'm late but not late enough. I'm impressed by the tons of crappy comments who can't see how this is dangerous and serious. Most of those bad comments which are trying to look anti-feminist clearly don't have a wife, girlfriend or even a mother to care about. If a threat like this ends up on my wife's twitter I would destroy half of our planet to find the responsible. Because to be angry with a woman is so easy isn't? Try to go like that with me to see how easy it will end. All of you that tried to show indifference with pathetic jokes just made me sick. And the worst is the source of this, the stupidity ... what else could it be?

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Even Christina Hoff Sommers disagrees with Anita.

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She seems like the type of person if you gave her EXACTLY what she wanted, she would still be mad about it. She should have taken that kickstarter loot and started up her own game studio and actually brought about change, instead of making a youtube show with it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, She is pretty much the female Jack Thompson. She'll go away eventually
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11 yrs since Buffy, Joss. u dont gotz a say any more!

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god feminists make me sick. if they couldn't use the whole "you're a misgoynist" statement whenever things get a little rough, they'd be considered mentally ill. i swear half of them have a bad case of paranoia. they'll find sexism in just about anything. literally, anything.

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******** scum.

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when they gonna wake up, illuminati is real! mlk knew too much. aliens are taking over!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Seriously, if you don't care, why are you reading it and taking the time to post about it?

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Who posts 25-30 minute solo dissertation videos to the Internet and expects anyone... especially the gaming community... to sit through them? Anita Sarkeesian, that's who. Apparently.

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@topmounter You shouldn't be criticizing her if you aren't equipped to get through an academically challenging video. If I were you, I'd be embarrassed. I'd make it a goal to get through the video and understand it. Otherwise, you're just a retard posting about what you don't know.

Seriously. What does it say about you that you can't? What does it say about you if you need to see her in a swimsuit to endure it? It means you're a bimbo and you need the world around you bimbo-ized, so you can digest it. Your opinion, as such, is worthless. Maybe you should go drool on yourself instead of wasting time trying to post something meaningful.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> maybe if she wore a swimsuit, instead of a flannel shirt, I watch the video.

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The same is true in comics! Creators and developers need to stop writing women like objectified stupid helpless damsels in distress. Anyone with a daughter, girlfriend, wife or mother knows you have to write characters that will do them justice. Its that simple.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> There are plenty of comics and video games with strong, confident, female protagonists. To ask whether they're good characters is another topic unto itself. Are any comic or video game characters, male or female, really ever good? Really good writing is rare in any media.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Half Life 2

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Having spent the last couple weeks collectively shooting itself in both feet over and over again, it will be amusing to see what games "journalism" learns from this hilarious debacle. Indeed far from the notion of "gamers being over", I think it is getting to the point where people might not want to admit to being a games journalist in polite society any more, haha. I have already seen a few instances of people using the term "doing a Sarkeesian" to describe a form of self-promotion and marketing to the feminist and beta-male demographic niche. Oh you gotta laugh.

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So i guess its okay when you see men geting sliced in videogames according to her "logic"? If that is not double standard, i really don't know what it is. I really find the way some people think, unexplainable. Video games are just GAMES, not reality. Any gamer realizes that, i think. And in my view, misogynism is not provoked by games, but from real life experiences.

My 2 cents.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> yea stop drawing naked men with big muscles

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<< LINK REMOVED >> She would rather see women as women than see them as human beings, all whilst preaching equality. Women getting cut up is different for her, because they're women! It's different than men!

What's that you say, they're both humans? Why, yes. Yes, I would like to talk about human rights... for women.

Hypocrisy and double standards, through and through.

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This is the absolute absence of objective thinking.

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Its sad that we're constantly being posted with news about some radical ill informed feminist and literally being told "if you disapprove of her, then youre a bigot and a sexist").

I took the time to watch her videos and I'm quite frankly shocked that people take her seriously. Even a brief background check will reveal that she is indeed a con artist and the recent ongoing drama on #gamergate is so depressing. I (we) have no reason to care or even pretend to about these demagouges who want to influence our games with their selfish agendas. But putting your head in the sand isn't a solution. These vile people , whether they're lawyers ,feminists or religious zealots need to be exposed for what they truly are.

This entire drama isn't about women in games or sexism. We just want game journalists to do what they were doing and just report about games. By posting Anita sarkeesian nonsense they're pretty much politicizing gamers .

But it gives me hope ,since most people in the comment section here are in fact well informed and civil.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Anyway, women look like whores on what, 80% of the games if not more because of their audiences. It is rare to see a woman character in any game, dressed normally or acting normally, because that way the game (specially the free ones) sells faster. You're a hypocrite, because you're not considering the industry itself but only the external stuff. I'm out here, this might be contagious.

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@diabloakaSAHA Hypocrite. It isn't about politicizing, is about facts. Women do suffer special threats in gaming or in the internet. I never heard that a male friend of mine were trolled with such things like, ''im going to rape you tonight my love''. As I said before, it's pretty easy to threat a girl, as the harassers might think. I'm very late here on that article but I really don't care. For this day and now on, I'm sure that this world is stupid as you hopefully remain okay with the other comments, I can foresee a dark future with the same ones. I'm just here to remove a bit of your 'hope', to clarify with my opinion, that I'm well informed of conspiracies made by certain groups but also I'm very informed that women still being treated as animals and cattle and unfortunately for the white-male pride, they aren't. It's incredible, as an gamer (much of it single but also multi) I saw threats happening myself. If not threats, disrespects and gross behaviors of all sorts and sizes for over 10 years of gaming toward women, yes, like on the middle ages. Some male gamers just said once, ''my doctor is the worse ever, but my clinic is full of women, that's the reason''. Didn't liked my comment? So throw 129 women inside a factory and burn them out alive there. See? Go ahead, label me and judge me as one of its group, try to show some rudimentary intelligence just to pretend how smart and superior you are. - grabbing the pop corn. I'm sick, really sick by the comments up and down there. And the most impressive of it all isn't that. 8 of your companions proudly liked your manifestation of it all. I will only feel okay as a white male gamer when the other human beings stay out of any kind of threats. That happens, if her drama isn't real, the fact remains everyday and everywhere, that's what worries me.

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@diabloakaSAHA The con artist crap is just a campaign to smear her without any validity. It's easy to smear someone and lie about them when you don't have a name to back up your claims, like you. You're just anonymous, throwing around baseless accusations. You know there are no consequences for you, except maybe your own secret shame. So you can say whatever you want and hope someone believes it. The only people who are going to believe you are the retards who don't watch her video because they can't grapple with anything complex, especially coming from a woman fully dressed.

As an academic, I watched her video and I agree with it. She does right.

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Way to show your ignorance Joss. Now you'll feel the backlash yourself.

Empathy is one thing but someone in his position shouldn't blindly accept one sides story at face value, especially without understanding and researching the community and culture she's bashing. Safe to say he's not a serious gamer and that this whole issue has become a hot mainstream topic to ride and get attention.

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Maybe you feel sorry for Anita Sarkeesian, but you realize YOU are the exact person she is trying to harm right? She is trying to nullify your choices as a gamer and make you do what SHE wants. This is how people with no community support, no honest criticism and no integrity bully large groups of people and force everyone to do what THEY want:

1) stretch truth and outright lie to make victims feel guilt (in this case making gamers feel guilty about playing games bc they dont consciously support feminist propaganda). Attack things that are undeniably innocuous like Super Mario Brothers with mind numbing academic jargon and unfounded assertions, once your victims accept your nonsensical attacks on that they will accept anything and you own them.

2) create fake media presence on the web so as to appear to have wide base of support and impressive credentials

3) manipulate media with clickbait videos and essays, the media are a small group of people that desperately want other people to think they are cool and smart, this weakness is what you exploit with your lies and guilt tripping to gain control over them. They have a big megaphone so controlling them is the KEY to making your victims think you are unstoppable force when in reality you are a bully with a webcam.

4) in collusion with gullible media create fake controversy to get publishers to self-censor their games. The government can never and will never do this (pesky Bill of Rights) , besides it is much more effective and satisfying to your power lust to make people censor themselves.

5) if the public has wised up to Social Justice Warrior tactics of lies, propaganda and bullying then go for the ultimate guilt trip manipulation and play up one of the many crackpot (but ultimately harmless) messages you have gotten from anonymous angry nerds into an assasination attempt, dont be afraid to play the damsel in distress that you have spent so much time railing against, your victims will trip over themselves to be first in defending the exact person who wants to censor and control them.

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@coolbeans1 Wow you waste a LOT of time filibustering without saying even one single thing about her actual work. I mean examples, which is what someone credible would provide.

I always wonder with people like you, if you're a male gamer, why do you invest so much time in fighting feminism in gaming? Why is it relevant to you? Do you define your masculinity through others? Because from my perspective, any man that needs sexism is a man who can't define himself, except through others. It's amazing to me that developers cater to people like you, the lowest common denominator. Your post was meaningless. You had nothing valid to say, in all that novelette garbage you wrote.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> you trust the government? the bill of rights is just a piece of paper. the government does what it wants. ever heard of net neutrality? You just made a bunch of vague arguments not actually pointing out the flaws in her argument. I have failed to see anyone actually do this. It is easy for pseudo intellectuals to sound smart without actually saying anything. What is a social justice warrior? Why is wanting justice an assumed negative in your view? If she is that, what does that make you? An anti justice advocate? I'm sure if you were on trial you would want justice. Its just conservative rhetoric. We do not live an equal society now, and we have never lived in an equal society. Guess what? It doesn't exist anywhere in the world because human beings are dumb, selfish, and violent. So the question remains if we as human beings want an actual discussion about the reality of the world we live in, or prefer to remain in a comfortable bubble of assumptions based ideological bullshit. The simulacra remains in tact I see.

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Forgot to add, Anita Sarkeesian's view is purely opinion.

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@donnylicious It is opinion but it's also a well informed one, based on academic research. As an avid and long time female gamer with a graduate degree in psychology, Anita's perspective very strongly resonates with me and I am forever grateful that she is brave enough to stand up for women and female gamers despite the serious physical threats and emotional and mental abuse she has received from it. Too many people don't act or hide because of that kind of danger but there are those few who have the courage to stand up against the status quo. I have nothing but respect for her. I hope she keeps going. I'll keep listening and so will many others.

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It's not so much a sexualization of women but a representation of reality. That is how women are in real life. Some games take place in a strip joint, guess what there are going to be strippers there. Some villains kill men, guess what some villains kill women too. There are also games where women are strong and powerful and confident. Also, all the games Anita professes to sexualize women are in under the premise that women are dainty. When we say women can't be depicted as equals to men, IE: getting killed, blown up, shot at, having their throat slit, etc, aren't we then sexists? We say women in games ware tight and revealing clothes, but don't they also in real life? Anita may presume not to see it, but just take a look at Hollywood because movies and pop culture are the inspiration for much of these games.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I agree with you but she doesn't deserve death threats. Kind of sickening that someone would threaten her just because they disagree with her.

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@Zombies101 @donnylicious It's not just sickening, it's baffling. What kind of idiot risks committing a crime or criminal prosecution over the issue of sexism in gaming, in an effort to squelch feminism? Seriously, to these guys, get a life!

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I think many popular characters (both men and women alike) have experienced this. Welcome to the internet

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> If someone has to resort to death threats, if they're even real, it just shows that they can't come up with an intelligent counter argument.

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This is all just clickbait. Yes, yes, no one should be threatened for writing critiques, if that is indeed true, no matter how risible and by-the-numbers indignant leftie they are. Ok, we get it.

And having got it, people, PLEASE just snap out of it, can't you see you are being played? The sound you are hearing outside the Games Journalism Bubble is actual real gamers who do not come from San Francisco either yawning or laughing. Ditto the truly hilarious "don't call people gamers" malarkey.

Laughing? Well yes, it is starting to get positively comical. Not the threats but all the huffing and puffing and petition signing that makes noooooooooo difference to anything other than making the person doing the signing feel good about themselves.

Ah well, I guess I'll just grab some popcorn and watch the fun and wait for the penny to drop.

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Nobody cares. For all the hype she gets, her viewership is decreasing and her total views are logarithmic at best. Not really the kind of reaction you'd expect from such a groundbreaking leader with a growing following who is "winning" and stuff.

Her videos are boring, her game concept video only got 136k views. As soon as she wraps up her series everyone will forget all about her.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Actually, many of us really do care, a lot, and we are glad for her presence on the internet. That should be obviously reflected in the overwhelming donations she has received from viewers.

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For an excellent take-down of Joss Whedon's hypocrisy by Thunderf00t go to<< LINK REMOVED >>

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<< LINK REMOVED >> offf the pwnage