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Avengers Director Joe Russo Talks About The Next Extraction Film

Avengers writer and director Joe Russo talks about making another Extraction film for Netflix.


With the news that there will be another Extraction movie in development at Netflix, co-producer and writer Joe Russo has spoken with Collider about what the next film might entail.

Joe Russo confirmed that he will be returning to write another installment in the Extraction franchise after closing a deal with Netflix.

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"I think there were preliminary conversations prior to release," Russo told Collider. "Everyone was very happy with the movie and very excited about it. There was good energy going into the release. And certainly the release cemented it. But yeah, it had been a conversation that’s been going on for a little over a month."

Whether or not the next film will be a prequel or a sequel is up in the. After the ambiguous tease that is the film’s ending, either option is possible. Collider tried to ask Russo about which category the next film will fall into, but Russo was keeping it close to his chest: "We’re not going to confirm or deny one way or the other, it’s early days. But we need to go on a deep dive and find out where the best next story lives."

While Russo doesn’t actually confirm whether or not Sam Hargrave will be returning to direct the second film, he does comment on just how thrilled he and his brother Anthony (with whom he co-directed Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame) were with the work that Hargrave brought to the film.

"Yeah, they said they were very happy with the film and excited about it," said Russo. "And they knew there was potential there for another story. And everyone was blown away by Sam’s execution on the film, so I think the numbers just reaffirmed what we all felt about the movie. And now we’re just going to go explore what potential story there could be moving forward with this character. With Anthony and I, everything we do is story based, we got to find the right story to tell to know that, 'Yeah, we’re going to go make the film.'"

Even though Extraction has only just been released, Russo already has an idea of where he would like to take the sequel. When Collider asked Russo about what he would like to carry over into the next movie, Russo answered "Certainly I’m going through that in my mind right now, what makes sense. There’s critical aspects of [Extraction] that you would want to carry over as part of the main tenets of a franchise. And location is a big part of that."

One thing that will be carried over will be the role of the main character, with Chris Hemsworth keen to reprise the role given the chance.

Extraction is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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