Avengers 4 Endgame Trailer Confirms Another Heartbreaking Loss From Infinity War


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The end of Avengers: Infinity was brutal. With just a snap of his fingers, Thanos wiped out half the population of the universe. Characters we loved, that we have emotionally invested in for years, just turned to ash in front of our very eyes. Peter Parker, gone! Bucky Barnes, gone! T'Challa, gone! But they were just a few of the casualties, millions and millions of lives across all of existence were extinguished. The implications are, to this day, difficult to come to terms with.

And yet, it gets worse. Today, the trailer for the next part in the story, Avengers: Endgame, was released, and it reveals that the extent of Thanos's heinous crimes go much further than we could have ever imagined. As the saying goes, "You never know what you've got until it's gone," and today we learned that we've lost something truly special: Steve Rogers' beard.

At the end of Captain America: Civil War, Captain America was deemed a fugitive, having defied superiors to help his childhood friend Bucky Barnes. Life on the run was no doubt rough for Steve, but he fought. When he re-emerged in Infinity War to save Vision and Scarlet Witch, he was Nomad, a slicker, stealthier, more stern version of Steve and Cap. He's always had the power to rally people to his cause, but now he was different, there was a more compelling kind of gravitas to him, a more driven air about him. He wasn't just the purehearted patriot doing the government's bidding anymore, he was choosing his own path, fighting for who he wanted to fight for.

And this new Steve commanded respect in a whole new way. That beard ... that perfectly even, meticulously groomed, golden face helmet was awe-inspiring. When Steve appears in Scotland during the events of Infinity War, he emerges from the shadows, forcing Proxima Midnight to stop her assault, and in that moment, it's clearly visible in her eyes that she knows things are about to go south for her. In that same fashion, the camera zooms into Vision and Scarlet Witch, and if you look at their eyes... they're looking at Steve's beard. It commands attention, and demands respect. Such is its power.

But now, it's gone. In the trailer for Endgame, Steve Rogers' face is smoother than an egg. The beard is no more, and we can only assume it was a casualty of the Thanos snap. In one short clip during the trailer, Steve is shown mourning, a single tear trickling down his cheek. While the voiceover talks about the loss of friends and family, we all know what Steve cries for: the beard that would have caught that tear for him.

So once again, we mourn. Rest in peace, Steve's beard, you will be missed.

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So a whole article in gaming news that was just a long advertisement for a movie trailer talking about a beard. One of the worst articles I've ever read. Hilarious, you trolled us, congrats.

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and with this just god awful news article. i think im officially done with gamespot. from the constant fake job offers in the comments to these fucking terrible clickbait articles this site has really gone down the shitter. i miss the old crew of gamespot.

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And the award for "Doesn't have anything to actually write about but still has a quota to fill" goes to.....

Tamoor Hussain

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Haven't seen this preview. Thank you. Didn't read the article because I know better...

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I'm glad it's gone, he looks younger without it.

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Ooooooohhhhh. You guys lol. Ya got me lol. Good one GS, but dont get all crazy with it.

I for one will also cry if i lost my infinity beard lol. Fun times

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Wow a whole article on a beard

Avatar image for springdaddy

Waste of time.

--springdaddy approved--

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I've been defeated by ClickBait!

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I just wasted precious time. Time that I will never get back on a story about someone's unhealthy obsession with an actor

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Wtf is this

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I think they finally met their avengers: endgame articles quota with this one. Good job guys, Christmas bonuses for everyone!!

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" millions and millions of lives across all of existence were extinguished" Someone doesn't understand how big the universe is...

Avatar image for ender003

@Zerabp: Technically, just saying dozens would still be accurate.

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The desperate clickbait articles are just getting pathetic now. I'll be getting my news elsewhere now, kthx.

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@UFOLoche: Please do.

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It was a nice beard, anyone who says otherwise is just lying.

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I would be upset about this blatant clickbait but this was too funny

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Unlike Thor, Thanos went for the head.

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This article should be titled, No more gaming news until January 7th 2019.

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For real?!

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Steve Roger's beard.

Good one @Tamz


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@videogameninja: Caps crying he lost his infinity beard. Id cry too lol.