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Avatar: Generations Adapts The Classic Animated Series Into A Free-To-Play Mobile RPG

Play as Aang, his friends and enemies, and (eventually) other Avatars.


Avatar Generations is a free-to-play mobile game that lets players trace Aang's lineage, exploring storylines and playing as characters from across the now-classic animated series' world.

The game is a mobile RPG a la Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, where players collect characters which they then control in turn-based battles. The game will launch with Aang's storyline, but will eventually introduce campaigns centering Avatars from both before and after Aang's tenure, including Korra, previous Avatars shown or referenced in the shows, as well as brand new Avatars.

Avatar Generations's newly released trailer shows off the game's battles, visual novel style cutscenes, a world map, and a variety of playable characters, including Aang's companions Zuko, Katara, Toph, and Sokka, as well as mentor characters like Uncle Iroh and Pakku. Players can expect to fight enemies like Fire Nation guards, brigands, and even platypus bears. The final part of the trailer teases future Avatar additions, such as Aang's predecessor Roku, certified big lady Kyoshi, sadboy Kuruk, and the serenely fierce Yangchen.

Pre-registration is open now, though the game's release date has yet to be announced. Players can collect rewards, including Appa and Ang, for pre-registering and will be notified when the game is live.

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