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Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora Will Have Over 400 "Unique" Haptic Feedback Effects On PS5

Right in the feels.


Ubisoft has revealed some of the features that PS5 players can expect when Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora launches in December. One of the more impressive figures thrown out is related to haptic feedback, as Ubisoft is touting "well over 400 unique haptic effects" that'll be felt through the PS5's DualSense controller.

According to Ubisoft, you'll receive feedback from the reactive flora around you as the Helicoradian plants will fold in on themselves whenever you are close to them. The presence of heavy animals like the Sturmbeest and Soundblast Colossus will be felt as they draw closer, and the roar of a Thanathor as it stalks you will send a few jolts down your hands. Then there are more environmental effects, like waterfalls, lightning strikes, heavy wind, rain hitting your weapons, and the sensation of focusing on the world of Pandora around you when you engage your Na'vi senses.

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The DualSense has been a key selling point of the PS5, but Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will have its work cut out for it if it wants to dethrone the game that makes the best use of that controller, Astro's Playroom. Can the Pandora frontier and wildlife give Astro a run for its money? We'll have to wait until December 7 to find out.

On the visual side, Ubisoft also detailed some of the graphical options that'll be available. Hardware-accelerated ray tracing on PS5 with both ray-traced dynamic global illumination and reflections will be used to render the terrain, water, fog, and cloud systems on Pandora, helping to build dynamic environments for players to explore.

"Pandora's environments can change dynamically, where in-game events create large-scale world changes," Ubisoft explained in a PS Blog post. "This includes installations from the human militaristic corporation, the RDA, clear-cutting Pandora's forests and creating extensive pollution, which dynamically impacts Pandora's vegetation. The beauty of Pandora also lies in its micro-detail rendering system, so expect a great level of detail in small leaves, moss, branches, or even tiny ambient critters."

Lastly, the game uses 3D-positioned audio so that sounds maintain their relative positions whenever a player moves around, just like in the real world. There'll be a varied soundscape to listen out for, with the environment mixing the sounds of nature with heavy RDA machinery and gunshots.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will also be available for PC and Xbox Series X|S, and to see if your machine meets the surprisingly flexible requirements, you can check out this link for the official Avatar PC requirements.

"What's most interesting about Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, though, is that it might give developer Massive Entertainment an opportunity to improve on the Ubisoft open-world formula at a time when the genre is inspiring more than a little fatigue," Phil Hornshaw wrote in GameSpot's hands-on preview.

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