Avatar Director James Cameron Offers Update on Its Four Sequels

Cameron and on and on.


James Cameron is a director who takes his time between movies, and it has now been almost seven years since Avatar broke worldwide box office records. The director has been working on a sequel since then, and is currently promising no fewer than four follow-up movies. In a new interview, Cameron provided an update on the progress of the Avatar sequels.

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Speaking to Variety, he explained that while he was still aiming for a 2018 release for the first film, this wasn't set in stone. "We haven't moved that target yet, but we will if we need to," he said.

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"The important thing for me is not when the first one comes out but the cadence of the release pattern," he continued. "I want them to be released as close together as possible. If it's an annual appointment to show up at Christmas, I want to make sure that we're able to fulfill on that promise."

Cameron also gave a hint as to what the Avatar sequels might be about. "The storyline in the sequels really follows Jake and Neytiri and their children,” he revealed. “It’s more of a family saga about the struggle with the humans."

The first Avatar earned $2.7 billion worldwide, making it the most successful movie ever made in terms of box office earnings.

Cameron's adaptation of the classic manga Battle Angel Alita is also moving forward. Sin City's Robert Rodriguez is directing from Cameron's script, and last month it was reported that Spectre villain Christoph Waltz had joined the cast. While no official release date has been announced, the film is expected in summer 2018.

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