Avatar 2: Kate Winslet Shares New Photo From Set

James Cameron's Avatar 2 taught Winslet how to free dive, apparently.


James Cameron's Avatar sequels are practically mythological at this point, 11 years after the release of the original--but they are happening. The cast has been sharing behind the scenes images of their work on Avatar 2, which at the very least proves that a movie is being made, despite the fact we know next to nothing about the actual plot or what a return to Pandora might look like with the finished CGI in place. So far it's been a lot of water on the Hawaii-based set. Now, Kate Winslet is joining the trend with a new image, shared by producer Jon Landau on Instagram.

Winslet plays, in her own words, a "water person," which required underwater motion capture filming. She learned how to free dive for the part, and according to an interview she gave in The Hollywood Reporter, her longest breath hold was a whopping 7 minutes and 14 seconds--take that, Tom Cruise.

She was, unfortunately, unable to share much information beyond that. In the image, we can see what looks like wings or perhaps some sort of fin apparatus attached to Winslet's wetsuit, which likely means we're going to see some very impressive CG physics involved in the final look for the completed film, but given the nature of Avatar's aliens, it's impossible to even speculate how that final look might actually turn out. She may not even be humanoid in the movie, for all we know. That's Pandora for you, we guess.

Avatar 2 won't be hitting theaters until 2022, but is still actively in production withCOVID-19 precautions in place.

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