Avalon Hill Sale Approved

Official sale of Avalon Hill to Hasbro gets formally approved.


On Friday, shareholders and interested parties at a Monarch Avalon board meeting learned that the sale of Avalon Hill to HIAC XII Corp., a division of Hasbro, had been formally approved by Monarch Avalon's stockholders.

What Hasbro exactly intends to do with Avalon Hill is still in question. Monarch Avalon confirmed that US$1 million worth of game inventory is now in Hasbro's hands. There was also some indication that Hasbro contacted Monarch about printing services as that is Monarch's prime service.

The story that the Avalon Hill employees were fired because they had become unnecessary (as opposed to pressure to fire them from Hasbro, which had been rumored) was also confirmed at the board meeting.

In related news, National League Philadelphia Phillies pitching ace Curt Schilling will be meeting with Hasbro on Thursday, October 29, to discuss acquiring the Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) license - perhaps the biggest wargame license Hasbro would net from the purchase of Avalon Hill. Schilling, a big ASL fan, is asking for the names and contact information of any and all ASL players to provide leverage in the talks on Thursday. Information should be sent to bcyouse@erols.com or gehrig38@erols.com.

Lastly, Avalon Hill products are quickly becoming a rarity in most game stores as the inventory runs out. The newest and last product out of Avalon Hill, Doomed Battalions, is now completely sold out.

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