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Avalanche Responds to Just Cause 3 Microtransaction Rumors

Studio boss says "you have nothing to worry about."

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After new screenshots from the rumored Just Cause 3 leaked earlier this week and suggested that the game might feature microtransactions, developer Avalanche Studios' boss Christofer Sundberg has now responded, saying fans of the open-world series "have nothing to worry about."

Sundberg wrote on Twitter to say that Avalanche's only free-to-play game is 2009's PC hunting game, The Hunter, which is in development at Avalanche subsidiary Expansive Worlds.

Sundberg has been outspoken about where he thinks the video game industry is headed as it relates to business models. In 2013, Sundberg said microtransactions are becoming the new normal for the current generation of games, though he assures fans that he wants to treat gamers fairly.

"Microtransactions, subscriptions, and other biz models will be the next generation of games. It is that simple," he said on Twitter last year. He later expanded on the thought, stating that "greed never works."

"We'll never compromise on quality or sell our souls for a quick buck," Sundberg added at the time. "Things are changing and we need to adapt."

Avalanche has a number of a projects in the works. In addition to a new game to be published by Square Enix (believed to be Just Cause 3), the company is working on a new Mad Max game and a title based on a comic book franchise. Avalanche is also producing an unannounced mobile game.

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