Auto Chess PS4 Release Date Revealed

The very popular PC game, Auto Chess, is on its way to PS4.


Popular strategy game Auto Chess is coming to the PS4 later this year. During Sony's latest State of Play, Auto Chess's release date was revealed to be October 31, 2020. The strategy game will come with PlayStation-exclusive items and new game versions that will be detailed later on.

Auto Chess's State of Play trailer didn't reveal much past the release date, though we did see some gameplay. Players can expect the console versions to be similar to their PC and mobile counterparts. Auto Chess has quite a few modes, including Casual, Ranked, and various others. Players place their chess pieces in strategic configurations to try to outwit and out-muscle their seven opponents.

Pieces in Auto Chess all feature different statistics, including three different star levels that designate their power. Additionally, each piece has race and class synergies that players need to pay attention to in order to create the most powerful setup.

Auto Chess spawned from a Dota 2 mod and is currently on PC as an exclusive to the Epic Games Store. It's currently in Early Access on Epic's storefront, but we don't yet know if it'll launch in full on the same day as the PS4 version. Auto Chess was previously announced for Nintendo Switch as well, though it's currently unclear if it will launch on Nintendo's platform the same day. It's also available on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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