Auto Chess Leaves PS4 Early Access On January 27

The popular strategy game will be free-to-play on PlayStation 4 next week.


Developer Dragonest has announced that its popular strategy game Auto Chess leaves Early Access on PlayStation 4 next week, becoming a full free-to-play title on January 27.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog announcing Auto Chess' PS4 release date, studio product marketer Weiming Zhao outlined the free PlayStation Plus-exclusive items players can download for the game. This includes additional playable characters and an extra chessboard.

Much like its mobile and PC counterpart, this version of Auto Chess features a variety of modes, including Classic and Ranked. Players can also upgrade their pieces to make them more effective.

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Auto Chess PlayStation Plus-Exclusive Freebies

  • Chiyome Mochizuki: A free chess player for PlayStation Plus members only. Available at the PlayStation Store.
  • Matryoshka (Chess Player): PlayStation-exclusive accessory. Available at the in-game Store.
  • Yi Sun-sin (Chess Player): PlayStation-exclusive accessory. Available at the in-game Store.
  • Goblin Workshop (Chessboard): Available at the in-game Store.

Auto Chess originally launched on PlayStation 4 late last year, though the game has been available on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and PC (via the Epic Games Store) since mid-2019. The game had spawned from a Dota 2 mod, which, after becoming quite popular among the PC community, was almost picked up by Dota creator Valve.

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