Auto Assault tuned up

Free update for NCsoft's vehicular MMO game now available, adds new tournament map, missions, power-ups.


Auto Assault

NCsoft has released a new update for its massively multiplayer online game Auto Assault. The update is now available in North America and Europe and is patched in directly through the game's servers.

Update 2 adds several new features, most notably new missions, "system-level changes," and a tournament map. Gamers will now be able to delve into the Emergence arena and The Coliseum--a training ground that sends wave after wave of enemies at drivers in exchange for experience and rewards. A new group of items named the Battlemaster Set has also been added for gamers with enough outpost tokens.

In addition to adding new content, developer NetDevil has tweaked gameplay for novice users and made overall performance sturdier. For a full list of the update's changes, head to the Auto Assault Web site.

Auto Assault is rated T for Teen and retails for $29.99. More information on the game is available in GameSpot's review.

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